Monday, December 19, 2011

Sizzling summer shorts

During a usual Wardrobe Flair wardrobe session, every time I say to someone 'so where are your shorts for this summer?" they look at me like I just said "hey, are you going dance naked in the rain later?". The nose screws up, and the face is pulled. Nearly as often as when I say 'ok, so lets talk about your body shape", but not QUITE.

For those of you with children who will run around with them these holidays at beaches and parks, you need shorts! But I don't mean daisy dukes, trust me. I also don't generally mean anything that is above the knee (unless you are under 5.2 OR a spring chicken in age).

Many NZ women wear the dreaded 3/4 trousers and feel they are practical (yet frumpy and cut you off at the wrong spot). So all I'm saying is, shorten those so called 3/4 trousers to be just under your knee and you are good to go. Seriously, it will make the world of difference to your outfit, and your leg length!

This season you have two shape options. Fitted (like Capri type shorts/trousers) or wider leg. If you are going for the safe look the wider leg shorts will balance out any hips or larger chests, will be flattering and practical. I think a denim pair is an essential part of most people's wardrobe (men and women).

If you are wanting to be a little more 'on trend' then think about a more fitted pair. These are great teamed with a slightly longer top or tunic dress. If you do have a bigger bust and hips, then beware that tapered look, and make sure you balance yourself out with the top or tunic dress.

Other than denim I think a white pair is a great option for the cool tones (remember tonal flow people!!) and if you have no idea what I am talking about then you need to book a session with STAT! For the warmies, a nice stony or lighter brown would be fab.

Make sure your T-shirt is the right neckline, fit and a fabulous colour and you will be kitted out at your very best this summer. Enjoy yourself and have a great summer.

Stay colourful!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa

We at have had a really fantastic year. Other than lots of exciting media opportunities - 8 stints on Good Morning for TVNZ and the same amount of panel sessions on Sean Plunket's Friday Face Off on Newstalk ZB - our favourite bits have been meeting the wonderful men and women of NZ and helping them with their confidence.

For Christmas this year we hope that all those people who we have helped enjoy a new and exciting outlook on life looking, therefore feeling, terrific. We hope they continue to share our love of complimentary tones and brings smiles to themselves and others because of this burst of colour happiness.

We wish them joy, happiness, laughter, love and a safe, prosperous and exciting 2012. We hope that all those who have doubts about their bodies are able to see that while one size does not fit all, all are beautiful and blessed with health.

As one wise young lady recently said to Trudi "when I feel down about the size of my thighs, I remind myself that at least my legs work!". Perspective is a wonderful thing.

Santa, we are a happy little company and when we see people accept what they have and dress to suit their colouring and shape right now - not in 5 or 10 kg's time - then we feel our work is done.

For Xmas please send our thanks and regards to our clients, they are the reason we do what we do and why we love it. They support us, they refer us, they let us into their homes, their lives, their wardrobes, their insecurities. They are a brave bunch.

Merry Xmas to all. Stay safe and colourful and we look forward to meeting many more of your friends, family and loved ones in 2012.

Trudi & Sarah xx

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Season Shopping time

Do you have time to shop each season? Not many people say 'yes'. Those that love to shop are fine, but for the people that Wardrobe Flair see each day, shopping is described as 'a nightmare' a 'hated chore' and 'lots of stress'.

We understand. So many people panic buy. Then never really wear the piece. Then feel guilt having spent the money and not wearing it, so leave it to languish in their wardrobe for months if not years.

Wouldn't it be nice to pick a up few 'bits and pieces' each season that you feel good in and make you feel like you are enjoying fashion and taking advantage of the styles and colours that suit you? I think the answer to this is 'yes!".

At we now provide a service that allows this. If you know your colour palette (whether done via us or others) then you can sign up from our website. We let you know the colours that suit you that are coming for that season and more importantly WHERE to find both classic and funky items in the actual shops.

Let us do the hard work for you. We go into all shops, from high end to medium to lower end so that it suits any budget. We cover the coming trends, what to look for, what to be wary of and HOW to wear these trends.

For $27 (via you can sit back and wait till our email hits your inbox with all the suggestions we have. You can then print this off and use it to shop for what you need that season. This small payment gets you 3 newsletters. Spring, Summer and Autumn/Winter.

The summer edition is due out in December. Sign up now and get this newsletter, then you will also receive Autumn/Winter 2012 and Spring 2012. We don't want you to struggle any longer. Do something great for yourself today.

Stay colourful


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Year Resolutions

So it is nearly the end of the year. And what an interesting one it has been. So many people have experienced quite an extreme year of highs and lows. The last 6 weeks before Xmas, certainly for those of us who have children are a frantic race between children's events, Xmas shopping, planning, working and attending parties and functions.

So needless to say when you get to catch your breath (probably January at this stage) it is a good time to reflect on the past year and make some decisions about the new year. As a rule, new years resolutions are usually based on food/drink/bad habits. How often do we stick to these? Not often.

I suggest a much better approach and that is to think of one physical goal that is achievable (small amount of exercise?) trying something new (indoor netball, yoga) a professional goal - how you are going to do something a little better/faster easier this year and finally a personal goal.

For the personal goal it can be about being more patient, being more open to trying new things or getting down to solving some problem you have struggled with. I meet many men and women who have struggled with clothes, their shape, their colours and feeling frumpy and 'lost' when it comes to their personal appearance.

One of the best parts of this job is seeing the relief people's faces when they know a) MANY people struggle with this b) it CAN be solved and made easier c) they come away from a shop with clothes that mix and match and go together to last them for the next few seasons and beyond.

We can't promise you that you will magically love shopping. What we can promise is that it WILL be easier, it will take you less time and you will get up in the morning and have a wardrobe that all goes together and that you feel REALLY GOOD in. Whether it's a great pair of jeans or a structured work outfit.

All those things that bamboozle you such as accessories, which colours go with what, what SHOES do you wear with those skirts are answered. You can attend that function, evening out with a great party dress or smart blazer and jeans.

By solving those problems you will free you up to put your energy into all those other things you want to achieve in 2012. You can look and feel great NO MATTER what size or shape you are. Make the decision to do something for YOURSELF in 2012. Life is short and precious. We are a great Xmas gift to YOU.

Stay colourful!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blazing through Spring and Summer

I'm a big fan of blazers. What is with this obsession you ask? A well cut blazer is a little gem in the wardrobe. For both men and women.

Being the practical sort of gal that I am, I do like a piece that can be used in various different ways. Work, casual, with a dress, with trousers, or jeans (this has a green eggs and ham ring to it!)

Floaty dresses teamed with a blazer are very trendy right now. Wearing one for work with a skirt or trousers is great for this time of the year. Many blazers this season have long or three-quarter sleeves and therefore can be used during summer.

A blazer worn with a fabulous pair of jeans and a great top (floaty, sequinned, or a plain singlet with a great accessory). Any look you want to achieve can be achieved using a blazer.

Best of all, the blazer's structure suits the curvy girl perfectly. Always single breasted, they cut through the chest area minimizing it, whilst nipping in the waist and promoting that ultimate shape, the hourglass.

Rules for wearing blazers are as follows: 1. They must have a button or clasp of some sort to be able to be nipped in or you may in fact lose that previous waist outline. 2. Length, be careful, too long and it will wear you!! This is one piece that does need to have a classic cut.

However Classic need not be 'boring'. Just because it has a classic cut, lets go a little more interesting with colour, pattern or texture! I LOVE the navy and white striped blazers I am seeing in Just Jeans and Esprit. I am also loving the fabulously bright coloured blazers in many mainstream shops. Hot pink (in Dotti) for the brave, lots of cobalt blue and emerald greens around too. Lovely brown toned one in Jacqui E at the moment.

So this season. Go for it. You will not regret getting a blazer, they are staples and so very versatile. If you need help choosing one, then give us a call www.wardrobeflair.comand we can take you out to the shops and show you just which one is best for you.

Stay colourful!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BLACK - Ban it or celebrate it?

Let's be honest folks, on the rugby field this truly is the ONLY colour that really wins and looks good! I stand behind the All Blacks all the way and do honestly believe we have the best colour (sexy, fierce and MOSTLY flattering for skin tones) on our boys.

In the street it is another story. The Dom Post put a tweet out @DomPost saying Is Wellington fashion all Black? We all know it's known as "Lambton Quay Black". Here is MY struggle with black - my opinion and after 6 years of converting people FROM black to colour, I think I understand this colour more than many.

A LOT of people don't suit it. It can make you look tired and old. Most older women or those that feel self conscious about their weight find black a 'safety blanket' that keeps them blended into the crowd. It is making most of them look older and blending into the crowd can make confidence levels plummet.

It is only a slimming colour when worn all over. But any other block colour will do the same. So here is the deal, choose black as a block colour and you may look thinner, but you might also be looking older? Why make the sacrifice when you can look thinner wearing another block colour AND look younger with the colour up near your face?

Wearing black to weddings is inappropriate. This is a CELEBRATION, not a funeral.

Black in summer is strange on two levels. Not only does it make you hotter (and I mean sweating, not sexy!!) it looks grim and morbid on a sunny day.

Come on Wellington. I love this city! It is vibrant, cultural, interesting, quirky, bright and very beautiful. Why can we not reflect this on the streets? If this blog strikes a cord in you and this summer you are determined to get OUT OF BLACK (other than when cheering on our team!!) then call or email us
We KNOW it's scary and hard to know what to do. We would love to help you.

Stay colourful!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fashion Fun

How do you make fashion a little more fun if you are a wee bit scared about it? Well I think there are three easy ways.

Number 1 is accessories. Even if you don't change what you are wearing so much, add a chunky necklace or bracelet and it honestly does make a huge difference. You look modernised. You are saying "hey, I don't care this isn't gold or silver, I'm just having a bit of fun". Get those fabulous, easy, inexpensive bits and pieces from trust me when I say you will be AMAZED by the compliments you get.

Secondly, be brave with colour. The first step is using a base colour (grey or brown) depending on your palette and adding a 'pop' colour to it. This is the safest scenario. If you feel a bit braver, 'clash' a couple of your colours. For warmies I do plum and chartreuse a lot. Teal and khaki, mustard and burnt orange. For cool colours I like blue and green, think colours of the sea. I love turquoise and lemon. Pink and purple. Be adventurous and again, reap the rewards of confidence from all the compliments you will receive.

Lastly, how about some patterns. Stripes are a no fail way of adding some 'zing' to your wardrobe. Florals are pretty, geometrics are bold and confident. You don't have to do a full body of it (in fact you shouldn't unless it is a dress). But do add SOMETHING. It might even just be a striped scarf. It's up to you how you add it, but patterns are flattering, slimming and funky.

All three of these options and might be out of business! Let us show you how to do it.

Stay colourful, especially during Spring!!!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Summers 10 Must haves. Do we agree?

Fashion NZ ( released its '10 Summer Must-Haves' list and I was curious to see if I agreed.

1. A cute Crochet top - personally, this is something I will leave to the 'youngins'. Its a season piece and will be gone in the shake of a lambs tail! I do like lace as an alternative and feel that has a lot more longevity in the fashion stakes.

2. Coloured skinny jeans. Completely agree. What fun! I already have 3 pairs and thinks this is a great, fun way of wear trousers or using them as leggings under longer tops and tunics.

3. A colourful, light weight printed scarf - again agree. Scarves are great. Check out for some fun ones. Also check out our youtube video on how to tie them!

4. 4. Bright polishes! - again, its all about having a bit of fun. So go for it.

5. A light, floaty maxi dress or skirt - I'm a fan, but I am also tall. Maxi dresses/skirts are great but I would advise anyone under 5ft 4 or 160 that it may 'drown' their frames a little. This is definitely better on average to taller women.

6. A Printed Mini-Dress - this will depend on three factors. Your AGE, your SHAPE and how you WEAR it (i.e alone or with leggings)

7. A great pair of short-shorts - see youngins again.

8. Something stripy - absolutely. I love stripes and I love the variety of stripes this season. Up, down, all around. All are good. Medium sized are brilliant, go striped blazers, unders, dresses, singlets. So many options, a must have!

9. Animal print - I like a bit of animal print. But it IS a small print so be careful it doesn't make you feel larger if it doesn't FIT your body size. Cools go with grey print, warms, brown. And remember, less is more!

10. Espadrilles - I love espadrilles and wedges. That are so fab. Giving you COMFORTABLE height. Lovely.

So those are my thoughts. Love to hear yours.

Stay colourful


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wardrobe Flair and Bikram Yoga - a perfect fit!

Odd you may say that I make such a statement? But it is true! When I look around the Bikram Yoga studio, I see the same demographic of people that Sarah and I see each week.

Mostly women, quite a few men and more importantly, every size, shape, age and nationality. It's a truly diverse place where you find the range of people interesting and inspiring. There are no boundaries or barriers to Bikram Yoga, anyone can do it. Likewise there are no boundaries to being Wardrobe Flaired!

The beauty of our profession as wardrobe and image consultants is this diversity. The misconception has always been that we see rich, thin people who love to shop and have lots of money. Let me tell you, it is very rare we see people who love to shop. In fact I think Sarah would agree with me we mainly see those who say "I hate shopping". As to all the other factors in the statement, again the majority of who we see do not come under these 'headers' as such.

When I talk to people about doing Bikram Yoga, they always say 'oh I can't do that, I'm not very flexible". My answer is always the same, 'neither am I, and that is WHY I do it!" Other than for the many other amazing benefits.

I spoke with the owner of Bikram Yoga Wellington this week about running a workshop for the students and we are all set to go. Bikram Yoga inspires me with its diversity of people and the different benefits it gives to everyone. I hope that my workshop will inspire the fellow students and other people who come along to realise everyone struggles with colours, shapes, coordinating outfits or shopping.

And like anyone can do Bikram Yoga, anyone can look gorgeous!

Stay colourful, warm and bendy!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pretty patterns

Patterns, so many people are so scared of them! Don't be. They are amazing and suit everyone. This season we have a plethora of pattern. Best of all it comes in every shape, size and style.

This season we have two patterns that I find 'come around' most years. Stripes and animal print. What I like about this season's stripes, is that they are little more of a medium width, and therefore more flattering to the 'medium sized' woman. There is usual navy and white that is rather common when each year we have a burst of 'nautical'. This year there are many colours, not all are vertical OR horizontal -which for the record do NOT make you look fat. Some are swooping up into a point - see the attached photo of the current David Lawrence dress that we here at

Other patterns big this season include polka dots - big and small, graphic prints (see Robyn Mathieson dress also attached), brush strokes and the very popular floral print.

The floral prints are riding the current 'ladylike' trend and can be found in larger, medium and smaller versions. Those of you scared of floral or pattern, have lots of choice this year. You can jump on to the patterned highway, or ease in with a dress that maybe has a little bit of pattern at the bottom, leaving most of the top 'safe'.

Anyone who feels they have any type of tummy issues, should embrace pattern. It really does distract the eye and does wonders for 'lumps and bumps. Rule of thumb is to get the pattern that fits your body shape. If small go for small-medium. If Medium stick with medium pattern, larger on larger frames only.

Enjoy, it's a wonderful season. Stay patterned and colourful!!!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do you have a uniform?

I recently did a talk for women of the NZDF. These are people who wear uniforms (and from what I gather after talking to them, fairly ghastly ones at that) from Monday to Friday. But they, like many of you will also find that they swap one 'uniform' for another. Do you swap your work clothes for a uniform in the weekend of jeans and a T-shirt?

I bet many of you are nodding. It is really common to get stuck in a rut. To have that set top and trousers that you go to so you don't have to 'think' too hard. Or that you become so overly comfortable with that anything else just seems strange.

Anyone heard the saying 'variety is the spice of life"? Well it is true in many aspects and in particular in your wardrobe. There is nothing worse than feeling dull, frumpy and bored when you look at your clothing. Because you KNOW that transcends to how you express yourself when you meet other people. That lack of confidence with your clothes is pretty much what everyone's first impression is.

Don't get me wrong. A great pair of jeans and a T-shirt can look fantastic. But come on people! Not every single weekend, day in day out! Winter, summer, going out, staying in! If jeans are your 'thing' then think about say a pair of bootcut cords for winter. They have a jean 'style' but are not jeans. Likewise a pair of cotton 'jean-style' trousers.

If you are feeling brave how about a skirt! HOLY MOLY!!!!! lets go crazy and get a Maxi dress??!!!!! Spring is in the air and it is time for some changes. Make those colour and style changes. Inject life and adventure into your wardrobe. You won't regret it.

If you need help, come see us here at We are the perfect people to help you out of that rut, and into confident, happy, colourful, interesting clothing.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Banish Black?

So, how many of you would be left standing naked in the middle of the street if I were to wave my magic wand and banish all black from Wellington?

My guess is many of you. Some of you are 'staunch' black wearers. Insisting it suits you, that it is easy, versatile, flattering, elegant and slimming. What do we have to say about that clients of

Others are sick to death of going into the shops and seeing nothing but black. They want to break out of it. They don't feel good in it, feeling it accentuates drab weather and drab surrounds. They just feel locked into it, like there are not many other alternatives.

Black is a colour that suits 1/3 of people. Yes, that means "shock, horror" maybe not you. When it is on the wrong person it makes them look older, tired and drained of colour. Even those that DO suit it wear it far too often.

My pet hates for wearing black are firstly, during summer. It is the LEST summery colour (or non-colour if we are getting technical). It attracts the heat and very few compliments at the same time.

Second least favourite time for wearing black - Weddings. Totally inappropriate. It is a joyous, happy occasion. Not a funeral.

I know this seems scary. It doesn't have to be. There are other 'safe' alternatives. Colours that can be used as a base and are not 'out there' while using colours with these you can inject new life into your wardrobe.

Trust us, we know. We have seen the exclusion of black from hundreds of wardrobes. We have also seen it become quite life changing to many. Compliments flourish which means confidence blossoms. Its a beautiful thing!

If you need help to do this transformation, then call us. We can set you on the road to colour with confidence.

Stay colourful!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sexy size 16+

This is a shout-out to all the lovely, curvy ladies of the 16+ size range. Don't hide behind black tents of clothing in the hope that nobody will notice you. Don't you know that any size is beautiful and it's not what you have, it's what you do with it!

Here are a few helpful hints and tips that while quite generalised, will help you out.

You neckline needs to be low. I don't mean cleavage hanging out low, I mean low to the top of the cleavage. This is going to elongate your neck and make your chest look smaller.

Clothing that fits the side contours of your body is essential. It's ok to have some tummy skimming fabrics over the belly (as long as it is not TOO much fabric which only adds to the area) but our main aim to show the sides of your shape. This helps create a better waist and gives you shape, rather than a hanging down sack that just makes you feel and look bigger.

Don't wear your tops too long. It will make your upper body feel much bigger and longer whilst also making your legs look too short. Make sure you are about 'even'.

Don't wear three-quarter pants or skirts that cut you mid calf. You may hate your calves but a line across them doesn't hide them, it highlights them. Just below the knee is so much better.

Now that is a little taster of just manipulating a few lengths and creating shape can help when it comes to dressing for your body shape. Its not about weight, its about SHAPE. Leave the house feeling the best you can feel with the size and shape you are TODAY.

Here at Wardrobe Flair we have helped many men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes do this. Be the best you can be, with what you have, right here, right now.

Call us if you need help


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Colour blocking brilliance

Anyone who has any experience with us here at knows we just LOVE LOVE LOVE colour blocking. It's bold, its sometimes a little scary, but its truly fabulous so its time to give it a try.

If you keep those colours of a similar tone and depth, you never need worry about 'clashing' as such, as that is the whole point! It's about having fun and showcasing beautiful colours against each other.

The rules of engagement are: TONAL flow with colour blocking. Bright dark with bright dark. Lighter with light. Neon with neon!

This trend takes us completely out of the comfort zone as we end up using colour with colour, rather than colour with neutrals and base colours.

Purple and lime green, hot pink and purple, purple and green. See how many colours go with purple. Who would have known it was such a versatile colour?

My favourite 'warm' colour blocking is mustard with burnt orange. It is about how brave you feel. But once you bite the bullet, it's a great, enjoyable and exciting way of receiving many compliments and looking really confident.

If you need help doing it or finding out more about what suits you, then you know who to call. Get in quick for a winter 'pick-me-up".

Stay colourful!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Serious 70s Vibe

Many of us have been there before! But personally, I can't remember it too well, except maybe brown flared corduroys. Yes! I am talking about the 70s! They are back with a vengeance and are mainly responsible for the increase in warm toned clothing.

Most exciting is flared trousers are coming back. SUCH a great style for balancing out hips and those with a larger chest. Very flattering. This also means skirts are getting longer (to hopefully just below the knee rather than above) and the maxi dress is staying around for another summer. Hooray!

Colour blocking is BIG BIG BIG and I shall dedicate another whole blog to this as it's something Sarah and I have talked about for years. Colour on colour. Very exciting, very slimming. Very scary for some. But when done well, wow, it's a fabulous way of feeling as tall and thin and funky as you possibly can.

Other than bold colours there will be a trend towards floral and 1970's glam retro looks. Think flares, florals and platform shoes.

Those who have already signed up to get the new Spring Newsletter due out Aug/Sept 2011 are in for a treat as we give great details about what to expect for Summer 2011/12. If you haven't signed up yet, email and for $25 per annum get all the trends and where to find them for YOUR colour palette and body shape to your inbox!

Stay colourful!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bloomin beautiful boots

I have heard myself say this for over 6 years. Every woman needs a pair of knee-high boots in their base colour. That is the start! How many you have after that (like me and my.... 10) is up to you (and your husband and your storage space and your budget!)

How many pairs of ankle boots do I have? 1 pair, which I only wear with jeans. That is why I am great advocate of knee high boots as they are so much more versatile. Knee highs can be worn under trousers and with skirts, dresses and tunics.

Do they need to be high? No way! A good pair of boots have a comfortable heel that you can run around in all day and never think "my feet are KILLING ME". So go to the level of comfort that is right for you, irrespective of your height. For Victoria Beckham that is 10 inches, for you it might be half an inch!

For me it is the court heel (so a fairly decent chunky heel), flats, OR my other favourite, the small wedge. The wedge is fantastic because it give you a little bit of heel but you feel like you are wearing flat shoes.

The base colour of either brown or black will go with everything. But don't be scared to get another colour down the track. Blood red is gorgeous, khaki green, bronze or purple! Fantastic.

The boot colour doesn't have to match ANYTHING, so don't worry on that score. What it will do is create a talking point and a whole load of compliments.

For those who have struggled to find boots to fit their calves, then never fear. You need to be looking out for boots that have buckles that open the whole gusset out and can fit any size. Then you pull the buckles in to fit your calf.

Where do I shop for my boots? I love Overland. But have also seen some fabulous pairs in Hannahs, Max, Mischief, Wild pair to name but a few. There are a LOT out there and sometimes it can take time to find them. But once you do you will get SO much wear out of them it will all be worth it.

Stay colourful!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Cardigan conundrum

"I'd like to know about cardigan style for body shape? I'm struggling to find a cardigan I like. Obviously a v-shape or scooped neckline is good but there aren't many around. Which button do I do up? Or should I just wear them undone? I find tie cardigans are often too short ... ahhh ... can you help please?? Maybe I'm just not a cardigan girl, perhaps structured fitted jackets are more my thing."

The cardigan conundrum is one many women struggle with. If you are looking for a traditional button up cardigan then Jacqui E and Glassons usually have them in store. Jacqui E's are better for shorter people and Glasson's ones are usually quite long so suit a taller person. They both have V necklines so idea for those with a larger chest. But those with a smaller chest can also wear these and pop a higher layer underneath.

The upside of wearing cardigans is that they are a nice, easy, fine layer. The downside is finding the right one for your chest size and height and not letting them HANG down so you loose that precious waist shape.

Tie cardigans need to be tied a full hand span under your chest and not clasping your bust. Currently Shanton has a great purple tie cardigan that is a great length for all people. I tried it on many heights and bust sizes at the Walk in Wardrobe at Westfield Queensgate last week and it suited everyone cool toned.

Button up cardigans do need to nip you in at the waist, so make sure you do at least 2-3 buttons up at all times (in the middle). The only time you can let a cardigan hang is the longer line ones that are currently in MAX in Rust (warm) and forest green (Cool). These are made with a very stretchy fabric and they tend to 'stick' to the side of the body and can be left to hang as they show off your body shape well. If you still want to accentuate your waist in these, they are perfect for teaming with a stretchy elastic belt. These cardigans are better on people over 5ft 6.

I hope that answers your questions on cardigans. Feel free to send me any more questions you may have.

Stay warm and colourful!



Sunday, May 15, 2011

Winter Wonderland

How do you make the gloom of winter take on a brighter note in an inexpensive and practical way? By using winter accessories is how! Using colourful and fun accessories like scarves, hats, gloves and funky coloured boots are a great way to enjoy the colder climate with the added extra of all those compliments!

If you have as standard black winter cool coat, think how a fashionable scarf in a colour that brings out your eyes and encircles your face will help with the draining effect black can have on many people. Don't go too bulky, but by all means go bright and funky, my favourite for this season is a striped scarf.

Hats are great but many people are scared of them. If you have a smaller round head, then look for something with a peak. A baker-boy style hat is great on this face shape. The peak balances out the 'roundness' of the head and these look very stylish while keeping your head lovely and warm. Those with more of a pronounced chin and a larger head can wear beanies, which look fabulous and usually have scarves that match - bonus!

I like coloured gloves in great colours or good old fashion, smart leather gloves that keep hands beautifully warm and keep you looking stylish. Another addition to the wardrobe of 'fun' can be a coloured pair of knee high boots. Many people have a good base colour like black or brown, but maybe it's time to invest in a green or blood red pair? Don't worry about 'matching' enjoy them, clash them with any colour.

If its time to buy that new winter coat then be brave and go colourful! Trust me, people will smile at you on the street. Too many people are concerned with matching, but with winter coats which get taken off when you arrive somewhere, there is no need to worry about this. It is better to make that impact as soon as you walk into a room with a great coloured coat. First impressions count!

Enjoy winter, its a great time for layering up on lots of lovely items. This season's goal is to try and add a little colour into your winter accessories and enjoy the effect it has on your mood and everyone else's!



Monday, April 4, 2011

Copy Cats

To copy someone or something is the greatest form of flattery. That may be so for the person you have copied, but for the 'copier' they end of feeling like a fake version of the 'real' McCoy.

So many men and women find it so difficult buying and shopping for clothes that they choose to copy more stylish friends, shop assistants or even mannequins in shops! This is no joke! It is absolutely true. It is also understandable as when you don't know what to do yourself, you seek help through what you see others do, hoping it will work for you too. More often than not, it doesn't.

But I am here to say you don't need to copy-cat. Don't see something that you think is great and decide to replicate it. Go down your own path. Find what is right for you. The sense of satisfaction in doing this will be wonderful for your self esteem.

Need help finding YOUR style and colours that suit you? These may differ from that stylish friend of yours, but no doubt so do many factors like your budget and body shape! So let’s find out what works best for YOU. Not them.

Be original. Be confident that you can do things your way and still feel great. Let us help you do it. Know your colours, know what styles are great on your body shape and how to adapt the current trends. Then make sure everything fits like a glove and shows your fabulous form. Size is irrelevant when it comes to dressing well. Once you know the Wardrobe Flair mantra of COLOUR, SHAPE, FIT, you will always look and feel fabulous.



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Layer upon layer upon Layer

Remember how we laughed about that silly Sara Lee cheesecake ad where the Swedish woman kept saying Layer upon Layer!

How right she was!! I really enjoyed my little foray into TV land and my wee stint on Good Morning TV on Monday 14th March. It was nerve racking but lots of fun.

I talked to Sarah Bradley and the good people of NZ who were watching about how great layering your clothing is. I am a firm advocate as my clients will attest! I believe it’s a versatile, modern and funky way of dressing which also happens to be hugely practical.

On the show I wore a tunic dress that was way too short for my years! So I took inspiration from the fabulous Sarah Nichol and teamed another longer tunic slip dress underneath and Voila, it worked a treat.

So layer upon layer of dresses. I also highlighted how great it is to choose to either layer OVER your clothing (dress, summer top etc) or to go UNDER. Both look great and can be adjusted to the season.

If you are say a menopausal woman, then going with an over layer allows you to quickly and easily get it off when you experience a hot flush. If you are a cold fish like me during winter time then I always layer my merino underneath to keep that extra warmth near my core.

Summer dresses can become all year rounders. Arms are never shown and we KNOW how many of you hate your arms!!

For more hints and helpful advice, tune into my facebook account for loads of advice on what to do, what NOT to do and where to go to buy it! Wardrobe Flair believes our clients are wonderful and deserve ongoing advice. We are always happy to help.

Stay colourful, keep layering during autumn!!