Friday, August 24, 2012

PJs in Public

A debate is raging in NZ over whether it is acceptable to wear PJs in public after an article came out in the NZ Herald on Monday. The question being asked in this instance was is this a fashion trend or basically are people just wearing their PJs to the Supermarket?

In this particular instance I do believe this is just people wearing their PJs to the supermarket. And it is happening on a global scale. I have had tweets and Facebook posts from people all round the word, from Australia, London and America to say this is pretty common. I've also heard from people of all ages saying this has been happening on and off for 20+ years.

So the question is - what is acceptable to most people to wear off the property? Well it clearly does depend on the person. As per my previous email I'm all for people leaving the house feeling the best you can. That can mean great jeans and a T, or something dressier, up to you. Therefore it stands to reason I am not a fan of PJs at the supermarket, nor am I very keen on tracksuit pants worn when you are either not exercising or lounging about at home.

I applaud people who have individual styles and tastes when it comes to fashion, because as we know, fashion itself is very subjective. I love to see people working eclectic styles and doing what makes them feel good about themselves by expressing it in their clothing. But I'm afraid you can not convince me that anybody feels good about themselves while wearing their PJs to the supermarket?

People may say, "who cares, it's only the Supermarket?", but I would ask them how often they see people they know? It could be workmates, friends, colleagues or ex-partners. Then I would ask how they would feel coming face to face with these people whilst standing in line having not had a shower and in their onesie?

The reality is, how you dress does reflect your personality. Rightly or wrongly, people will form an impression of you from what you are wearing. If you can't be bothered getting dressed but hope like hell you don't see anyone you know, then that signals to me you should probably not go there. If you don't care if you meet anyone whilst rocking flannelette unicorn PJs, then go for it - after all, everyone needs a fashion tragedy story to be able to tell their kids right?

Stay colourful!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Inspiring Confidence

Do I have the coolest job in the world? I believe so and this quote sums things up pretty nicely, "Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful- Albert Schweitzer

Most people are quite intrigued as to what a Colour and Style Consultant actually does? Well firstly let me tell you, we all do things differently. There is no 'set' formula to being a Stylist. I started my business over 7 years ago and decided to use my background in journalism to research and set up an original business based on logical processes that would help men and women understand the fundamentals of dressing for their colours, budget, body shape and lifestyle.

One of the wonderful things about the job is its variety. Over the course of the year I shall be involved with individuals of every age, size and profession. I will work with large and small corporates, present fashion shows and business workshops. There will be involvement with many aspects of the media - TV, radio or print. I'll work with fashion designers as a consultant on their new collections, write fashion blogs and seasonal newsletters for my clients. I will attend events and donate my time and services to numerous worthy causes.

I might be at someone's house in the morning, showing them what colours make them look amazing and shapes that suit their bodies. A good clear out of the wardrobe can be immensely cathartic. Understanding what suits you and what you need to make your wardrobe work gives people a huge sense of relief that it doesn't have to be a struggle every morning.

My afternoon might then be spent in downtown Wellington, Westfield Queensgate or out at Savemart. With a list in hand of all the gaps we discovered at the wardrobe session we are able to try all the colours and styles on. It is less about spending lots on clothing, and more about cementing the knowledge learnt at the wardrobe session.

Skills needed in this job are varied. You must have a total understanding of colours and body shapes. You need to be able to read people well, to be able to put them at ease and make them comfortable. This is a personal experience and many people open the door with a look of terrified excitement on their faces. Plus what the heck to do you wear when meeting a Style Consultant? My favorite story is the women I saw who was so stressed about what to wear, she settled on her PJs! Brilliant.

My work is hugely rewarding. It's never really about the clothes at the end of the day. It is all about confidence. I teach people that they can leave the house feeling as confident as possible. I often get hugs and kisses at the end of a consultation. I see people come out of changing rooms with HUGE smiles on their faces. I get sent photos from weddings and holiday snaps of people in their new clothes. So that is what THIS Style and Colour consultant does and why I love my job.

Stay colourful!

Stay colourful!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Fashion Fails

I enjoyed watching the whole Olympics opening ceremony. I was particularly interested in seeing all the teams come out and checking out the uniforms the athletes were made to wear.

I say were made to wear, because lets be honest, some would have never chosen to put some of these scenarios together. I'm going to envisage the fashion brief. "OK, so we want our athletes to stand out. We want people to say WOW, what a colourful, confident country THAT is. We want to show we are fun, but serious. Let's show the world a little bit of what we can do".

I liked some of them, I raised my eyebrows a couple of times but then thought, hmmm ok. I gasped at others and for a special few, I roared with laugher. Sport and fashion - does it ever really mix? And why or why is there such a strong need to wear quite so many pairs of white trousers?

Some of these smaller, poorer countries don't have a lot of cash to flash around on uniforms, so lets not be unkind to them and instead support them in their achievements for making it to the Olympics. Others SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER! My two favourite fashion fails are below.

When my twitter account started talking about shorts and gumboots, I had to sit up and pay attention. The Czech Republic (were they having a laugh at the British climate?) had indeed donned bright shiny blue gumboots with their shorts. They all looked pretty happy about it and why not? If you don't laugh you cry right?

My second burst out laughing moment was when the British team came out. People have likened the look to a mix of Freddie Mercury, 70s disco and space angels. I mean come on NEXT! Massive big gold collars and what looked like gold armpits? I would love the hear where the inspiration come from?

Last question about Olympic fashion is why do the beach vollyball girls wear barely anything (tiny little shorts and a bra) and the boys are in board shorts and a T-shirt? Fair? I think not. Good luck Team NZ!

Stay tuned for next week's Day in the life of a Colour and Style consultant. What do we actually do and do we really have the coolest job? Stay colourful!

Stay colourful!