Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yellow Fever

Yellow. It is the colour of the sun. It is apparently the safest car colour to own. It is associated with happiness. It is also one of the scariest colours to wear and most people I meet say "I don't DO yellow, it doesn't suit me".

Guess what. It actually does. However, as with most things in life, there is yellow and there is YELLOW. To put it simply, there are warm yellows and cool yellows. If you are a cool-toned person and you put a warm yellow on, it WILL be ghastly and do yucky things to your skin that make you want to run screaming from the dressing room.

However, this does not mean that you need to cut the whole colour group out. Cross my heart, if that cool-toned person wears a nice, clear yellow, especially during the summer months, they will be bombarded with compliments.

What does it go with I hear you say? Cool yellows are beautiful with grey, white and navy as a safe option. Even better with turquoise as a bolder option. Warm yellows (mustard and gold) are gorgeous with khaki, burnt orange and brown.

If that thought of a lot of yellow fills you with dread, then here is how you need to go about it. Baby steps. How about a scarf with some yellow in the pattern? Floral if you want to stay on trend. How about a simple yellow singlet that you layer with another 'safe' colour over the top so it just shows a square? How about some yellow within a skirt or trouser pattern? Maybe a pair of shoes or a handbag?

My challenge to you is to embrace yellow and let it poke it's nose into your wardrobe. It really is such a happy, summery, trendy colour at the moment. Find the one that is right for your skin tones and you will be away laughing. P.S. Anyone want to take a guess what MY favourite colour is?

Stay colourful!