Friday, September 23, 2011

Summers 10 Must haves. Do we agree?

Fashion NZ ( released its '10 Summer Must-Haves' list and I was curious to see if I agreed.

1. A cute Crochet top - personally, this is something I will leave to the 'youngins'. Its a season piece and will be gone in the shake of a lambs tail! I do like lace as an alternative and feel that has a lot more longevity in the fashion stakes.

2. Coloured skinny jeans. Completely agree. What fun! I already have 3 pairs and thinks this is a great, fun way of wear trousers or using them as leggings under longer tops and tunics.

3. A colourful, light weight printed scarf - again agree. Scarves are great. Check out for some fun ones. Also check out our youtube video on how to tie them!

4. 4. Bright polishes! - again, its all about having a bit of fun. So go for it.

5. A light, floaty maxi dress or skirt - I'm a fan, but I am also tall. Maxi dresses/skirts are great but I would advise anyone under 5ft 4 or 160 that it may 'drown' their frames a little. This is definitely better on average to taller women.

6. A Printed Mini-Dress - this will depend on three factors. Your AGE, your SHAPE and how you WEAR it (i.e alone or with leggings)

7. A great pair of short-shorts - see youngins again.

8. Something stripy - absolutely. I love stripes and I love the variety of stripes this season. Up, down, all around. All are good. Medium sized are brilliant, go striped blazers, unders, dresses, singlets. So many options, a must have!

9. Animal print - I like a bit of animal print. But it IS a small print so be careful it doesn't make you feel larger if it doesn't FIT your body size. Cools go with grey print, warms, brown. And remember, less is more!

10. Espadrilles - I love espadrilles and wedges. That are so fab. Giving you COMFORTABLE height. Lovely.

So those are my thoughts. Love to hear yours.

Stay colourful



Anonymous said...

I am confused, I thought skinny jeans were out and flares were in. How come the skinny jeans are still going strong and we are not seeing much of the flares?

Trudi Bennett said...

Yes it IS a bit confusing! But while flares are a trend that is strong overseas, it hasn't quite 'hit' us yet. I expect to see more flares and the 70s vibe when we see the full summer collections. Meanwhile coloured skinny jeans are huge at the moment. This season really is a mixed bag! But all good, as this means more things to suit more people.