Thursday, July 29, 2010

Funky Florals

You will start to see these filtering into the shops. For some people, they will shiver with horror at the thought of this girly trend. But as with all trends, it can be adapted to suit your own personality.

Those smaller sized ladies can go for a more traditional small rose/flower design. It will suit their smaller features and their finer jewellery.

Those luscious curvy ladies need to find the medium sized blooms - to look bloomin lovely!

Rules: Don't OVER floral yourself. Floral Top + floral cardigan = ghastly. One floral per outfit. Be it a dress, under, cardigan, skirt. Then pick up your very favourite colour in the pattern (the green of the leaves or the pink of the flower) and balance out the floral with that piece.

Warm tones, not MANY florals for us. Mostly Cool tones, but you CAN find some. I have a cream tunic with dusky pink florals.

If you just can't do a floral (I know who you are!!!) then how about a pretty floral necklace or scarf? An easy way of doing what we at Wardrobe Flair love to see, people stepping out of their COMFORT ZONE!!!

Good luck!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Tunics + curvy girl = Awesome

So many fads and phases. So many trends and styles coming and going. What is best for the 16+ curvy girl? As I am always saying, trends are great, as long as they actually suit your body shape, colours and personality!

The tunic / over-dress is a huge trend. And its pretty hard to ignore it. Whilst doing our Walk-in Wardrobe sessions at Queensgate, the question most asked was "Can I do this trend or am I too old/curvy".

The answer is YES. You can do this trend but it needs to be adapted for both your shape and your age. The curvy woman who has a bigger bust and some hips needs to balance both these out. Therefore the following rules are:

Lower neckline tunic or dress
Good nipped in waist or shape
An A-LINE tunic that sits just above the knee.

There you go. Easy peeasy. They look great, they are comfortable and there is a tunic for everyone. Ok, so we have covered curves, about what about height? Again, adapt. The tunic style actually really suits the shorter woman. This is because she is able to have a shorter dress (just above the knees) and this then adds more length to her legs.

I found some superb tunics at... wait for it.... Ballentynes!! See attached photo!! They really are great and have a fabulous cut. My 5ft 2, Size 16/18 Friday client bought the striped one, and we teamed it with stretchy fitted grey trousers and a purple long sleeve T. She was so shocked to see how great she looked it brought a wee tear to my eye!

Other ones I have spotted and like have been from Farmers, who of course again do great sizes. One of these was in the Ella J range (blue pattern above) and the other in the Wild Child section (Red pattern above).

So go for it, follow the rules and find a tunic that suits you. This fashion phase is here for some time and trust me when I say once you are in - YOU ARE IN! Its so completely comfortable and stylish.

Enjoy and if you need some help finding that tunic, then give us a call.


Monday, July 19, 2010

New season trends & your body shape

We are now well and truly in the depths of winter. I warn you now, if you need merino to keep you going in the next few months (who doesn't??) then head out and buy it NOW! The spring/summer collections will officially start to hit the high street stores on 1 AUGUST 2010. So you have a few more weeks to go before you might see the merino pulled from the shelves or not replenished once sizes get low.

The following are some key trends that have started to filter down from Europe and will become more prominent with the new season items.

Key Trends

Volume on sleeves - This has been around for a while and is set to stay. From the cap sleeve to blowsy puff sleeve styles. All lengths are around but mostly short sleeved. Ideal for layering.

Nipped in Waists - Thank goodness!! This focuses on the waist and curviness created with drapery or fitted darts and structured seams is great. No more billowing tunics! Pretty much all the dresses and tunics around have either drawstring ties, belts, elastic or some form of structure around the waist.

Zips are still about, in cardigans, down tops and on coats.

The feminine look - Colour, texture and print express femininity through soft patterns, abundant floral forms, lace surfaces and 3D appliqué flowers.

Floral - Petal Prints - This uses large fulsome blooms to pinhead prints and mystical blurred watercolour effect flora. Its a very girly, pretty look, very feminine. Don't be scared!! As with any trend, incorporate it in small ways if you are nervous. But if 'girly' is not for you or your personality, never fear, we have another trend option...

Stripes - they continue to dominate this season and we here at Wardrobe Flair say if you must have ONE fashion piece that is easy to use, its a Striped long or 3/4 sleeve T-Shirt for layering. Gives heaps of interest to an plain or simple dress/top/tunic.

When budgets remain tight assess the key fashion items you really need. Match the themes that appeal to your personality. If you like classic looks consider the stripes or spots themes as they regularly come in and out of fashion, enabling you to store it away once the trend is over rather than ditch it. If you like feminine soft outfits go for the lacy, floaty or floral fashions.

My 'not liking much' items for this season is the lengths of some of the 'tunics'. Some of them look like long tops and so people are buying them, wearing them as tunics and the word 'mutton' is cropping up a bit more regularly. Be careful! Over 30s keep those hemlines above the knee but not up near the thigh! This theme follows a pet hate of mine for ANY AGE where when these short tunics are worn with leggings like normal trousers. Leggings are NOT trousers. They can be VERY unflattering.

Volume in trousers are also apparently on the way back. Keep that volume down on the thighs if you have thighs! Also check out that pocket placement on all these cargo pants around.

Necklines are varied, pretty much a bit for everyone. Still quite a few nice frills on the necklines of scoops and the types of frills I am seeing are nice and flat, so even those with a bust should be able to wear a lot of them.

If you need some help trying to get these trends to work for your body shape and colours, then give us a call here at we would LOVE to help you.

This blog was part of the newsletter that then goes on to tell Wardrobe Flair clients WHERE TO GO to find these great pieces in the shop. Another incentive to become a Wardrobe Flair client as this is a fantastic ongoing service.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New season newsletter

Due out soon!!!!!!! If you are a client of Wardrobe Flair you automatically get to sign up for these helpful newsletters, tailored to your own palette.

We tell you what is out, what is coming, where to go and what to steer clear of.

To sign up email with your palette and join this free and amazing service!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jeez Jacqui E!

I love being signed up to the shops email lists. They send out great emails showing all the newest stuff! So I can sit at the computer in my slippers and look at lovely clothes (nice slippers mind...)

So Jacqui E, a firm favourite of mine has sent their latest offering. Why do I like Jacqui E? I love that their sizes range from 6-18. That rocks. I love that many of their items are feminine but look great for work. A nice combination.

Many a shapely woman has a Jacqui E dress. They seem to cut them very well with lower necklines, that fabulous band under the chest then an flattering A-line skirt. Not so many around nowadays, but if there is one, it's usually in Jacqui E.

Here are a few bits and pieces that I have liked the look of. Sorry warmies, only cool tones as far as I can see. Boo hoo.