Monday, April 4, 2011

Copy Cats

To copy someone or something is the greatest form of flattery. That may be so for the person you have copied, but for the 'copier' they end of feeling like a fake version of the 'real' McCoy.

So many men and women find it so difficult buying and shopping for clothes that they choose to copy more stylish friends, shop assistants or even mannequins in shops! This is no joke! It is absolutely true. It is also understandable as when you don't know what to do yourself, you seek help through what you see others do, hoping it will work for you too. More often than not, it doesn't.

But I am here to say you don't need to copy-cat. Don't see something that you think is great and decide to replicate it. Go down your own path. Find what is right for you. The sense of satisfaction in doing this will be wonderful for your self esteem.

Need help finding YOUR style and colours that suit you? These may differ from that stylish friend of yours, but no doubt so do many factors like your budget and body shape! So let’s find out what works best for YOU. Not them.

Be original. Be confident that you can do things your way and still feel great. Let us help you do it. Know your colours, know what styles are great on your body shape and how to adapt the current trends. Then make sure everything fits like a glove and shows your fabulous form. Size is irrelevant when it comes to dressing well. Once you know the Wardrobe Flair mantra of COLOUR, SHAPE, FIT, you will always look and feel fabulous.