Thursday, April 29, 2010

Facebook Frenzy

Ok, so while it took me AGES to sign up, Wardrobe Flair now has a facebook page and already lots of fans! Cool! I will probably post more frequently on Facebook, as you can do much shorter little ditties.

And I DO love to talk!!! so sign up to be a friend of Wardrobe Flair and read more about things going on, what and who I see. Most things Fashion, some things crazy but always colourful!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lovin the Lovehearts

Nothing says I love you mum more than this necklace.

This is the funky version of wearing loveheart necklace.

Remember those 'broken heart' ones from the 80s! LOL

These are flying out the door. Be in quick.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sharing the love

This week is about giving the fashion love. I am going to see a group of ladies tomorrow night to give a wee talk which I hope will inspire a bit of self reflection and love and/or acceptance of what the good lord gave us (bumps and all).

It is important to people's confidence that if they are looking good, someone needs to tell them. Too many people get up, chuck on any old clothes and leave the house starting the day not feeling and looking their best. That's pretty standard.

But hey, when someone does make an effort, whether it be the stranger on the bus or a workmate, take the time. Share the love. TELL them they look good. I AM that crazy woman that stops people in the middle of the street to tell them a colour looks good on them. Be that person too. Because if its ever happened to you, you realise just how happy it makes you feel and you have a little bounce in your step for the rest of the day.

This is not restricted to women either. A recent male client (you know who you are and are reading this!!) had his all-male meeting stopped mid-way to be told a coloured shirt he was wearing really suited him. Shocked? Don't be, men and women notice.

Share the love. Compliment someone today. The more people are told they look good in a certain shape or colour, the more they realise it suits them.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beautiful brooches

I am starting to see people pull out their winter coats. Most of them are not a pretty sight! Boring black (yawn) and the worst case scenario - the ski jacket. Please people, if there isn't any snow around, don't wear a ski jacket! I'm sure half of the people on Featherston St walking to work are off to the slopes but heading in the wrong direction.

What is the solution? A great coat in a great colour - wool is a must for coldness. Plus a fitted, classic raincoat for days when its wet. How do you make a boring but classic coat look better? A brooch is the answer.

Seriously, you pop a funky, fun colourful brooch on that black boring wool coat and instantly you feel better and people will notice and compliment you. Its really quite amazing to so many of my clients that these small things can make such a difference.

Small, inexpensive solutions is the name of the game! Turn this winter into a 'smile-fest' of great colour and fabulous accessories. Check out the website.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Bloomin great Blazers

I love Blazers. They can be worn for work, or with Jeans to look smart casual. Over dresses, with skirts. They are marvellous!

Not only are they versatile, but a well-cut blazer nips you in at the waist or if there isn't much of a waist, they create the illusion you have more of one.

I get really excited about some rather strange things :-) but two things I love are blazers and texture. So when someone decides to combine the two, I start to jump up and down on the spot with excitement (little things....)

My two favs at today are a warm tan coloured VELVET blazer at Sussans and a grey one in the EDC range at Esprit.

Sorry I couldn't find photos of the above mentioned blazers, but the photos I have chosen have similar styles.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Hooray for Mums in the city

As a busy working mum with two kids, I have the added pleasure of doing a job that I absolutely love. Most of the reason I love it is because I get to meet people of all ages, sizes and walks of life and help them bring some confidence back into the way they dress.

I meet a LOT of mums and I get to talk to them about where they are at in their lives. Many tell me where they were before kids, what size they were pre-kids, the sorts of things they enjoy and their lifestyles. This all plays a part in someone's style and the practicality of what they need in their wardrobes.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a group called Mums in the City They asked if I would speak to a group of mums for an hour about what I do and techniques on how to look good. I do get asked to speak at a lot of groups and having my own family have had to be very selective about how many nights a week I am able to do this.

I looked at the Mums in the city website and I was really happy to see a group that is dedicated to helping mums 'get back on track' or find their passions again. Motherhood, kids, mortgages, housework and life can all get a bit much during our children's early years and as mothers we do tend to get a bit 'lost'.

But anything and anyone that can help us regain that zest for life, with a new activity or a wardrobe makeover that turns us from frump to fabulous is all good. Confidence is easily eroded by the hum-drum of life. We adore our children but there does come a time when mums everywhere need to look around, look in the mirror and look inside to decide that mums need to feel confident and good and get back to being 'them'. Not just a wife or mother, but a happy, vibrant and interesting woman.