Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Colour blocking brilliance

Anyone who has any experience with us here at www.wardrobeflair.com knows we just LOVE LOVE LOVE colour blocking. It's bold, its sometimes a little scary, but its truly fabulous so its time to give it a try.

If you keep those colours of a similar tone and depth, you never need worry about 'clashing' as such, as that is the whole point! It's about having fun and showcasing beautiful colours against each other.

The rules of engagement are: TONAL flow with colour blocking. Bright dark with bright dark. Lighter with light. Neon with neon!

This trend takes us completely out of the comfort zone as we end up using colour with colour, rather than colour with neutrals and base colours.

Purple and lime green, hot pink and purple, purple and green. See how many colours go with purple. Who would have known it was such a versatile colour?

My favourite 'warm' colour blocking is mustard with burnt orange. It is about how brave you feel. But once you bite the bullet, it's a great, enjoyable and exciting way of receiving many compliments and looking really confident.

If you need help doing it or finding out more about what suits you, then you know who to call. Get in quick for a winter 'pick-me-up".

Stay colourful!



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