Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Beautiful BOOTS - Bring on the Winter!

Winter is on it's way. It has been a long time coming but it is now time to haul out your boots and shove those peep-toe sandals to the back of the wardrobe for another year.

Most people are pretty comfortable with wearing knee-high boots which are flattering for all body shapes and heights. They are also hugely versatile as you can wear them under trousers and my favourite with warm winter textured skirts and funky day dresses.

The only time I find people run into problems with boots is with calf length and ankle boots. Both of these options have to be worn a little more carefully and are heavily influenced by height factors.

It is all about flow when you are vertically challenged! if you have shorter legs then as much as possible, you don't want to be chopping them in any places below the knee. You want that area to flow. So I would advise no mid-calf boots for the under 163cm - 5ft 4. They cut you at a wider part of the leg and shorten the leg. Two reasons for the price of one!


Ankle boots CAN be worn, but again more thought is needed on tonal colour flow with your stockings / tights / leggings. So obviously if you wore black options in those listed above and black ankle boots you would have complete flow. If you want to be a little more adventurous with your colours, then by all means don't match the colours, but at least don't contrast too much. So a darker colour on the legs and a darker boot, lighter and light. That way the leg seems to flow and extend rather than be cut and look shorter.

It is really good to have a variety of winter boots. Start with classics in colour and shape that will see you through all outfit combinations. Once you are ready to add to your boot collection think funky and think colour. On one of my last Facebook posts, I had over 45 people comment on what colours they have and what colours they are looking for. The surprising result? Loads of people have purple knee high boots and many are looking for grey. Stay colourful!