Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa

I have been a very good girl this year.

Since I am really rather particular about what gifts I want, could you please check out this list.

1. Please can you make sure the shops have warm toned swimming togs. Some things can be quite tricky for us warmies, and this is one of them. I like tankini's with a boy short. This style seems to suit so many body shapes.

2. Maxi dress. I did happen to spot a nice warm one in Shanton as I was passing today, and if I had been a cool-tone, the warehouse and Sussan still have some that are great.

3. Gold and silver ballet slippers. Wow, Santa, there are a LOT of these around. Glassons, Cotton On to name a few places. They will be great for summer.

4. Funky jewellery and accessories These guys really know how to source some really lovely pieces :-)

5. A really pretty dress for Xmas day. A quintessential summer frock that I can dress up and dress down depending on the above said accessories!

6. Tie and bolero-type cardigans, just in case the breeze comes up and I need a bit of arm coverage.

7. Some just below the knee denim shorts. How versatile, denim so they go with everything and such a great length - especially if they are straight wide leg versions.

8. Finally a fabulous Wardrobe Flair voucher so that I can book a Top-up session with Sarah or Trudi next year to make sure I am still 'on track' and heading in the right direction with my oufit combining, colours and shapes.

Thanks Santa, I know you will come through for me!
Love from one of your clothing Elves XX

Friday, December 3, 2010

Racy red - who can wear it?

I get asked this question a lot. "Can I wear the colour red?". It's Christmas time and so I thought I needed to elaborate on the answer. It is, EVERYONE can wear red, it just needs to be the right red!

So all those people who have high colour on their cheeks and faces naturally and who have steered well clear of wearing red in order to not feel 'redder' can actually wear it.

Good colour on your face has the effect of giving you an even skin tone. By doing this even people who suffer from any type of redness on the face from blushing to rosacea to veins, find that it does not in fact make them redder, it actually make them look less red!

What is the right red for you? Well that depends on your skin tone and whether you are a warm or cool toned person. Cool tones wear blue-based clear reds and warmies wear tomato yellow-based reds.

Red is such a wonderful, cheerful, happy, expressive colour. I think everyone needs a red pair of shoes, a red winter coat or some red accessories to zing up an outfit. People smile at people who wear red. They also compliment them a lot more.

So embrace red, no matter who you are or in which form. It will make everyone smile including Santa!!!

Have a fabulous, merry, happy, safe and colour Christmas.