Monday, May 24, 2010

Walk in Wardrobe wonderful success

A big thank you to all the fantastic people who travelled down to see Sarah and I at the Westfield Queensgate Walk-in-Wardrobe. We had a marvellous time talking and meeting with everyone.

Its amazing how much you can tell someone in only 10 minutes! People nervously approached us and we felt that 10 minutes later they were leaving feeling at ease and from what they said 'inspired' to shop having some idea on what suited them.

Our favourite wrap dress was procured and dressed on some lovely curvy ladies and the gasp of astonishment as they saw how fabulous they looked was a pleasure every time.

We look forward to seeing many more colourful ladies around Wellington!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Your Uniform

Do you have one? And NO I don't mean a Britney Spears number - I don't want to know what is in THAT wardrobe! I mean a regular 'look' that you find easy and happen to wear often.

Some people don't realise they have a uniform. Once I haul out 15 shirts and 5 pairs of jeans I often say 'hey, do you wear a shirt and jeans every day, sort of like a uniform?' then they realise that they have one.

I have seen many uniforms in my time. Jeans, T and a fleece a popular one. There was a time 4+ years ago it was 3/4 pants and a T, but thankfully these people have realised this is just not acceptable anymore.

The uniform can feel like its a help, in that you don't have to 'think' about getting dressed in the morning. And if you have kids/work/life in general that is busy, then it seems ideal right?

Remember having your own style and having a uniform is two different things. Having your own style means you have found shapes that suit you and you follow these roughly in various ways. Having a uniform is about having ONE shape you feel maybe suits you, and it might not now after a couple of kids but you persist anyway because it seems easy.

Beware!! Variety is the spice of life. Those who have uniforms are usually very bored of them. But feel its really hard to break out of it. That is very normal. But don't be scared!!! The first step is admitting you have a uniform!

It's time to assess your look to suit your current body shape and lifestyle. Ask the right questions and you fill find the answers. Get out of that shape rut. Experiment with new 'easy' styles. Focus on getting that wonderful 'mix and match' wardrobe. If you need help, give us a call. Good luck!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Handbags that make you happy

I have had an email from a client asking about what colour handbag she should buy. Since I am such an accessory FREAK, I need to go into much greater detail to answer this question.

I guess for most people, like their coats, they favour black. Now all those cool-toned people, black is fine for shoes and bags. But, as we all know, its fairly safe and just a tad boring.

This is an item that you carry with you everywhere. Why not make it a feature? I have a couple of clients who have bought coloured bags in their palette and they say they get compliments ALL the time.

Don't get too caught up in 'matching'. If you want to be safe you do have the neutral options black/grey/brown or bronze. Another fairly safe but great option is red! Fabulous. Yes it does go with everything!!

Come on ladies, here is a chance to show a little individuality. Personally I am usually carrying some sort of textured, patterned creation, but hey, the bolder the better I say.


Friday, May 7, 2010


Come on ladies! This season I wanna see scarves!! Don't wear bulky ones that make your chest look twice as big (unless you are like me and NEED some bulk there!)

Medium-sized and a good length is the way to go. If you want to stay 'on trend' with a scarf for winter, think about a stripped one or an animal print. Its an accessory that looks funky and is practical too! Marvellous.

Shorter ladies, don't wear them TOO long. Those with a shorter neck, keep a bit of space around the neck knot. Don't pull the scarf up and become 'no neck lady'.

If the scarf isn't bulky it can stay on all day. After all it is just another accessory that can add some extra fun and fashion forward funk to your outfit.

Start looking now! A couple of these babies are on my website.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Merino a must-have

Brrrr. It IS getting colder. Now I know these bulky cable knits come and go with fashion, but its another one of THOSE fashions where unless you are stick thin, a bulky knit is going to make you feel HUGE. So steer clear if this is the case.

Instead, choose warmth AND practicality. Fine layers of Merino wool and perfect for both the lads and the ladies. For all those 'coldies' like me (ice block hands even mid summer!) then its time to go and get your merino singlets as well.

Come winter you will usually see me layered up to the max. Merino singlet, merino top, cardigan + coat. Then hat or gloves if really cold.

For all those people who say 'but you told me I have to wear a lower neckline? I'm going to freeze!!" Small fine layers around your core is the key to staying warm and then trust me, even if your neck is exposed you will be warm (Unless of course you sit under a draft!!)