Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bloomin beautiful boots

I have heard myself say this for over 6 years. Every woman needs a pair of knee-high boots in their base colour. That is the start! How many you have after that (like me and my.... 10) is up to you (and your husband and your storage space and your budget!)

How many pairs of ankle boots do I have? 1 pair, which I only wear with jeans. That is why I am great advocate of knee high boots as they are so much more versatile. Knee highs can be worn under trousers and with skirts, dresses and tunics.

Do they need to be high? No way! A good pair of boots have a comfortable heel that you can run around in all day and never think "my feet are KILLING ME". So go to the level of comfort that is right for you, irrespective of your height. For Victoria Beckham that is 10 inches, for you it might be half an inch!

For me it is the court heel (so a fairly decent chunky heel), flats, OR my other favourite, the small wedge. The wedge is fantastic because it give you a little bit of heel but you feel like you are wearing flat shoes.

The base colour of either brown or black will go with everything. But don't be scared to get another colour down the track. Blood red is gorgeous, khaki green, bronze or purple! Fantastic.

The boot colour doesn't have to match ANYTHING, so don't worry on that score. What it will do is create a talking point and a whole load of compliments.

For those who have struggled to find boots to fit their calves, then never fear. You need to be looking out for boots that have buckles that open the whole gusset out and can fit any size. Then you pull the buckles in to fit your calf.

Where do I shop for my boots? I love Overland. But have also seen some fabulous pairs in Hannahs, Max, Mischief, Wild pair to name but a few. There are a LOT out there and sometimes it can take time to find them. But once you do you will get SO much wear out of them it will all be worth it.

Stay colourful!



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