Saturday, March 20, 2010

Winter Wardrobe Freakout

Have you had it yet? Has there been enough cold days that you have ventured into your wardrobe/draws to pull out something to wear that is a bit warmer and gone...

a) OMG. I don't have any winter clothes!
b) Why is that jersey SO short and boxy and shrunken? Did I really wear that last year?
c) can I get away with wearing it again?
d) can I face wearing ANY of these so called winter clothes this year?
e) when is 'enough is enough?"
f) I think I am going to have to spend some money and go to the shops
g) Oh god. I have to go shopping. I hate shopping.
h) I'm so sick of buying the wrong clothes and feeling like they are just 'not right' for me but not knowing why.

a week goes by.........

Sigh. I think I might have to finally do something about this continuing problem with my wardrobe. I just didn't realise it was so bad. I think I heard of a woman who does this sort of thing? A friend of mine had it done and looks great now. And says she finds shopping SOOOOOOOOOOOO easy.

I think I might call her........

Brrrring brrrrring. "Hello, Wardrobe Flair, how can we help?".


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What is with the Wellington weather?

My husband says he wants me to have a t-shirt printed saying "I survived the Karori tornado". What was all THAT about? Rain and southerlies one day, brilliant sunshine and calm the next.

I keep waiting to do my seasonal clothing changeover but find I am need a bit of both at the moment! Thanks to the beauty of layering, we can keep heaps of our clothes in our wardrobes all year round.

I would say about 8 out of every 10 people I see on a day to day basis struggle with layering their clothes, don't really understand the concept or how to do it. Once you know, it can really help you with all types of weather conditions and body regulating issues - the hot person, the cold person etc.

Here is an example of layering for a colder person. A merino singlet(1), with a long sleeved T (2), a great wool blend funky cardigan & belt (3) a casual jacket & scarf (4). As you can see at any time any of these layers can be taken off easily to suit the climate or conditions. Use colour to create a really funky layering concept and you are off!

What is really trendy at the moment is combining different textures. So you have a flimsy short-sleeved chiffon top that you usually only wear when its really hot? HELLO!!! Its WELLINGTON, you are NEVER going to get a lot of wear out of it. So instead, how about popped either a long-sleeved T, Metalicus, or fitted merino under it and there you have it! a great, modern look and you get to wear your lovely floaty top in winter time.

Layering is a beautiful thing. If you need help, then call us Seriously, we are SOOOOO good at showing you how to do it with your existing clothes and any bits and pieces we pick up to supplement your wardrobe. Its fun and SO practical too.

P.S. Stay away from tornados - they are not a good look for clothing OR hair!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fabulous Farmers

Just a quick note to say I have just seen the new range of clothes at Farmers and I am very excited! Fashionable pieces with great colour and style. Something to suit all different shapes and sizes.

I have just found a lovely client 10 items that were absolutely fantastic. Everything from casual grey trousers in the Maya section, fabulous stripped merinos in Ignite and a beautiful patterned pieces in the designer range.

They have sequins, they have chiffon, they have merino they long sleeved Ts. Ah, a girl could just go crazy - oh yes.... we did. AND with the 25% off these 10 pieces were under $350. Bargain.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Accessories are awesome

As per a request from a lovely client of mine "Just wondering if you could do a blog post on accessories or scarves....for scarves some ideas on how to wear them and tips for body shapes etc...also some ideas on some key pieces of accessories...what is a must have etc..." here goes!

As per a request from a lovely client of mine "Just wondering if you could do a blog post on accessories or scarves....for scarves some ideas on how to wear them and tips for body shapes etc...also some ideas on some key pieces of accessories...what is a must have etc..." here goes!

Scarves will continue to be big this winter. We have seen all sorts of scarves over the last year, tasselled, fuller, skinny, striped, animal print, long and short. The season of scarves is not yet over.

The overall rule with scarves are take into account your neck length and your height. These two factors help when choosing how to wear your scarf and how long it should be.

1. If you are under 160cm or 5 ft 3, then don't wear too long a scarf. It will be noticeably too long for your height and people will notice you are a little more vertically challenged.

2. If you have a long neck, you are the ideal scarf wearer. You have many options on how you wear it, including wrapped around the neck with even sides down your front, the front knot high up against your throat and the neck-tie scarf.

3. If you neck isn't so long, then your best options are the open scarf look. Wear your scarf like you wear your lower necklines, lower :-) and not up around your neck.

Other accessories that are hot this season include big chunky rings and necklaces. The chunky necklace has been around for a while and isn't going anywhere soon. The reason being as that a fun, funky, modern piece can lift any outfit. Choose the size of jewellery that fits YOUR body size. Medium for medium etc.

See the fabulous jewellery on my website for some perfect pieces to make those outfits stand out

Another great option with jewellery is being able to incorporate the latest trend in clothing with your accessories. For instance, an animal print scarf is still bang on trend. This seasons colours in a chunky accessory is again a great look. With winter coming scarves will not doubt bulk up a bit, but those with boobs be warned! Don't go too crazy on the bulky scarf as you will only add to your chest size.

Enjoy accessories and have fun wearing them. I wear them everyday whether with jeans and a T, or with a work dress or outfit.


Monday, March 1, 2010

NZ Mountain Bike Festival - Lycra ROCKS!

There is fashion in every field and this weekend was spent, literally, in a field looking at a lot of lycra clad people competing in the Raboplus Mountain Bike Championships.

Fantastic event and an awesome effort by all competitors. A special congrats to my husband who was a Bushlove Racing machine and is now the Masters II National Champion!

In my business we also have the 'pro-elite' fasionistas. We have your matching lycra with helmet and shades covering an icy stare road-biking stylists and your banana in the back pocket and baggy bordies for wearing afterwards image consultants. If you are under any illusion as to which I am, you obviously didn't see me this weekend clutching my supporter sign and yelling in my loudest BLB1 voice.

The positives of lycra are that at least I don't have to tell people they are wearing the wrong size! And I would hazard a guess to say that many sportspeople have a draw of lycra, a draw of icebreakers and some work clothes. Not too far wrong?

In support of this weeks NZ Mountain bike festival and because its an amazing event, with and great set of people, I want to give riders and supporters the option of keeping their draws of lycra and icebreakers but being able to add to it a small set of casual dressy clothes that will also give them the edge at work and in social situations.

For all those people who book a wardrobe session with me at and put in their email CLIVE BENNETT IS A NATIONAL CHAMPION, a 10% discount on my wardrobe consultation is yours! I take a logical, practical approach to making you look and feel as confident at you can off the tracks, as you do on them.

P.S you downhill boys were amazing on Sunday - crazy bikes, crazy speed, crazy hill, crazy wind and wow, some CRAZY outfits!!