Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer skin stresses

Summer is on its way and that usually means we have to show a little more skin than we have for the past 6 months. I have found the biggest stresses for women are arms (wanting to cover any 'bingo' wings) and legs which may have veins or discolorations. It can be a fraught battle between the heat and the comfort each person has of baring bits we don't like others to see.

The arms are quite easy to solve to be honest. Nowadays there are lots of lightweight, 3/4 or short-sleeved cardigans that we can add to our singlets, dresses and tops. I especially like tie cardigans that sit around the rib cage about an inch under the chest. When adding 'arms' to a dress, I like bolero-type cardigans. This way the detail of the front of the dress is not ruined by having a cardigan come across the front.

Legs are a little harder to cover when its hot. So many women want to wear skirts, but feel those pesky veins and broken capillaries are not something they want to show. Firstly know that you are not alone, so many women feel the same. Again it is about whether you decided you can bite the bullet and wear that skirt, knowing that nobody actually is going to notice them in their 3 second scan of you, especially if you have lovely colour on, and are wearing a fabulous outfit with great accessories. Its sensory overload and a couple of veins are not going to get a look-in!

However for many, that is just not an option and other people do have to understand that this feels very valid to you. For you there are a couple of options depending on other circumstances. One is that if you are tall, you can wear a maxi dress this summer. This way you have full, light-weight and pretty coverage of your legs right to the ankle. A great option that will not make you feel 'locked' into always wearing trousers.

Another option is leggings. Cotton leggings are lighter than say jeans and again with a pretty skirt or tunic dress can be a lovely, feminine option for those of you who want full leg coverage.

Most people have lightweight summer trousers but I wanted to remind people that dresses can also be an option.

A great wardrobe has variety that suits you and that you feel fantastic in. So this summer, if you have areas you dislike its all about looking at the styles around and adapting it to suit you.

Good luck and I hope to see lots of lovely dresses around this season! Call us if you need help shopping for them.

Trudi www.wardrobeflair.com

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Jewellery range

So excited to introduce some of the new Wardrobe Flair range. Go to WardrobeFlair.com to see everything. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spring clean your wardrobe

So Spring is here! How exciting. I love this time of year for many reasons. One of them being that I really enjoy transitioning my wardrobe. Here is how I spring-clean my wardrobe to make me feel like I have new clothes - without having to spend any money!

Firstly I take out all really warm, woolly skirts, trousers and tops. These I put in another room for next winter.

Then I make sure that I have all my clothes on ONE hanger per item. When you start doubling up clothing on hangers you FORGET what you have. If each piece has its own hanger, you remember it, see it, use it.

I bring in from my other wardrobe (gulp....) my finer layering items like Metalicus, Vigorella and long and three-quarter sleeved Ts.

I then do a scan to see what these new (old) items can go with on what I have. Especially for layering purposes. So a nice floaty chiffon top, can now have a metalicus under it instead of a merino. Maybe in a different colour and with a contrasting necklace to make me feel like its a whole new outfit.

I check out my new accessories, and look at where I can add something to help 'zing' up an outfit. For instance, a simple T + cardigan looks great with a wide belt and long beads. I whole different outfit. Next I would take off the belt and add a funky scarf to check out that option.

Stay really focused on adding that colour to base or 'boring' colours. Plain top? how about a brightly coloured singlet under it instead of the usual one you wear?

Put wool coats away and get out all those fabulous funky textured jackets you have. You don't? Well go and get some then! I want to see cotton, cord, velvet. Great for work, great with jeans and a scarf.

Colour code your wardrobe so you can see your 'colour gaps'. Make a list of all the colours you are lacking and that needs to be your spring/summer focus. If they are not in the mainstream shops, head to second-hand shops to source that colour.

Finally, pattern. Do you have enough? Are you a bit scared of it? Pattern is flattering, modern and can be added through various ways (see previous text on patterned and multi-coloured pieces!)

This morning I woke up and honestly felt like I had a new wardrobe. I love how by getting rid of all my bulky knits I felt like winter was really over and it was like a mental spring clean!! Fabulous.

The photo above shows just one skirt, but two very different combinations. Don't get stuck in the rut of wearing the same top with the same skirt.

Now if you look, and just can't see what a marvellous wardrobe you have and are not wearing all your options because you just don't know what they go with, call us. You need a Top-Up. One hour later you will feel like you have a new wardrobe - trust me!! It's true.

Stay colourful

Trudi www.wardrobeflair.com

Friday, September 10, 2010

Multi-coloured magic

We at Wardrobe Flair know the benefits of making life stress-free when it comes to clothing. Having multi-coloured clothing and accessories can make getting dressed in the morning easier.

How so? If you have a multi-coloured skirt, it means you can buy tops in 2-3 of the colours on the skirt and you have 3-4 outfits instead of one. If you are wearing a plain top, by throwing a multi-coloured necklace or scarf on will transform the outfit. It will pick up the colours you already have on, of if they are plainer colours it will add the essential colour needed to transform your look.

So many people stick with block colours, and wear the same 'combinations' over and over again. Then they wonder why they are very bored of their clothes. A great wardrobe of colours, patterns and textures allows you to wear 1 particular top with say 4 bottoms. Vice versa on the bottoms.

If you are able to really use your wardrobe well, each new combination makes you feel like you are wearing a new outfit. Not spending money but wearing something different is FUN! Change the accessory, put a belt on it, wear contrasting shoes. It's these little tweaks that give us a little lift.

As a previous client of Wardrobe Flair, if you are looking at your wardrobe full of clothes and really need help 'seeing' those combinations, then book the ever-popular 'Top up' session. In one hour we can show you dozens of new combinations!!

Stay colourful and adventurous!

Trudi www.wardrobeflair.com

Monday, September 6, 2010

Quality vs Quantity

Many people are in one camp or the other. Some like a smaller wardrobe with selected pieces that cost quite a bit. They use words like 'classic' 'timeless' 'long wearing' 'beautiful fabrics' 'quality'.

Others go for gold on how many bargains they can get and how many clothes they can get into their wardrobe. The lure of the sale price ticket outweights whether or not the garment is right or wrong. They are just so thrilled with the price.

Where do I sit in all of this? Right, dead smack in the middle. I appreciate well-cut, well-made, beautiful, timeless pieces that I will wear for many years and feel stylish and 'expensive' in. I also have plenty of stuff from Shanton, Glassons, Valleygirl and The Warehouse.

I believe mixing up the two is the best of both words. Most people, especially in this economic climate do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on individual 'fashion forward' pieces. The puffed shoulder jacket, the hammer-time pants, the gladiator sandal.

If you are going to spend some serious money, do take the time to buy something you see yourself wearing for at least a few years. That beautiful coat, that glorious pair of Italian leather boots. That dress that SO suits your shape that you will wear it to death.

I love fashion. I love trends. I always adapt them to suit my body shape, colours and budget! I make a point of buying a new pair of sunglasses each summer season. I will add a latest trend scarf to a classic coat. I will accessories with the latest colours and print.

Some trends come back year after year and it is knowing which ones do, that make buying what you may think is a 'trendy' item, actually a classic. Leather, Nautical, Fur, Military, animal print to name a few. I have pieces in these trends I have had for 5 years and they get recycled and added to new additions nearly every single year.

If I am not sure the trend will remain, I buy fun, funky pieces that suit me but are not overly pricey. I love having an eclectic wardrobe. Some of the cheaper pieces get the most compliments.

It is never how much you spend, it's about having the confidence to try something that feels right for you. Not to young, not too old, not too tight, not too short. A smattering of animal print, a little bit of floral. Mix it up. The British call this 'the designer + high street mix'. Kate Moss loves this term and having a bit of both worlds.

So the challenge is, if you only ever buy designer, try mainstream. Keep an open mind and buy something safe that will fit with your existing wardrobe. If always buying cheap and sale items, try saving up with a classic purchase in mind and going into some stores that are usually a little out of your comfort zone in price.

I think everyone could be pleasantly surprised!

Trudi www.wardrobeflair.com