Monday, June 27, 2011

Serious 70s Vibe

Many of us have been there before! But personally, I can't remember it too well, except maybe brown flared corduroys. Yes! I am talking about the 70s! They are back with a vengeance and are mainly responsible for the increase in warm toned clothing.

Most exciting is flared trousers are coming back. SUCH a great style for balancing out hips and those with a larger chest. Very flattering. This also means skirts are getting longer (to hopefully just below the knee rather than above) and the maxi dress is staying around for another summer. Hooray!

Colour blocking is BIG BIG BIG and I shall dedicate another whole blog to this as it's something Sarah and I have talked about for years. Colour on colour. Very exciting, very slimming. Very scary for some. But when done well, wow, it's a fabulous way of feeling as tall and thin and funky as you possibly can.

Other than bold colours there will be a trend towards floral and 1970's glam retro looks. Think flares, florals and platform shoes.

Those who have already signed up to get the new Spring Newsletter due out Aug/Sept 2011 are in for a treat as we give great details about what to expect for Summer 2011/12. If you haven't signed up yet, email and for $25 per annum get all the trends and where to find them for YOUR colour palette and body shape to your inbox!

Stay colourful!


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