Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blazing through Spring and Summer

I'm a big fan of blazers. What is with this obsession you ask? A well cut blazer is a little gem in the wardrobe. For both men and women.

Being the practical sort of gal that I am, I do like a piece that can be used in various different ways. Work, casual, with a dress, with trousers, or jeans (this has a green eggs and ham ring to it!)

Floaty dresses teamed with a blazer are very trendy right now. Wearing one for work with a skirt or trousers is great for this time of the year. Many blazers this season have long or three-quarter sleeves and therefore can be used during summer.

A blazer worn with a fabulous pair of jeans and a great top (floaty, sequinned, or a plain singlet with a great accessory). Any look you want to achieve can be achieved using a blazer.

Best of all, the blazer's structure suits the curvy girl perfectly. Always single breasted, they cut through the chest area minimizing it, whilst nipping in the waist and promoting that ultimate shape, the hourglass.

Rules for wearing blazers are as follows: 1. They must have a button or clasp of some sort to be able to be nipped in or you may in fact lose that previous waist outline. 2. Length, be careful, too long and it will wear you!! This is one piece that does need to have a classic cut.

However Classic need not be 'boring'. Just because it has a classic cut, lets go a little more interesting with colour, pattern or texture! I LOVE the navy and white striped blazers I am seeing in Just Jeans and Esprit. I am also loving the fabulously bright coloured blazers in many mainstream shops. Hot pink (in Dotti) for the brave, lots of cobalt blue and emerald greens around too. Lovely brown toned one in Jacqui E at the moment.

So this season. Go for it. You will not regret getting a blazer, they are staples and so very versatile. If you need help choosing one, then give us a call www.wardrobeflair.comand we can take you out to the shops and show you just which one is best for you.

Stay colourful!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BLACK - Ban it or celebrate it?

Let's be honest folks, on the rugby field this truly is the ONLY colour that really wins and looks good! I stand behind the All Blacks all the way and do honestly believe we have the best colour (sexy, fierce and MOSTLY flattering for skin tones) on our boys.

In the street it is another story. The Dom Post put a tweet out @DomPost saying Is Wellington fashion all Black? We all know it's known as "Lambton Quay Black". Here is MY struggle with black - my opinion and after 6 years of converting people FROM black to colour, I think I understand this colour more than many.

A LOT of people don't suit it. It can make you look tired and old. Most older women or those that feel self conscious about their weight find black a 'safety blanket' that keeps them blended into the crowd. It is making most of them look older and blending into the crowd can make confidence levels plummet.

It is only a slimming colour when worn all over. But any other block colour will do the same. So here is the deal, choose black as a block colour and you may look thinner, but you might also be looking older? Why make the sacrifice when you can look thinner wearing another block colour AND look younger with the colour up near your face?

Wearing black to weddings is inappropriate. This is a CELEBRATION, not a funeral.

Black in summer is strange on two levels. Not only does it make you hotter (and I mean sweating, not sexy!!) it looks grim and morbid on a sunny day.

Come on Wellington. I love this city! It is vibrant, cultural, interesting, quirky, bright and very beautiful. Why can we not reflect this on the streets? If this blog strikes a cord in you and this summer you are determined to get OUT OF BLACK (other than when cheering on our team!!) then call or email us
We KNOW it's scary and hard to know what to do. We would love to help you.

Stay colourful!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fashion Fun

How do you make fashion a little more fun if you are a wee bit scared about it? Well I think there are three easy ways.

Number 1 is accessories. Even if you don't change what you are wearing so much, add a chunky necklace or bracelet and it honestly does make a huge difference. You look modernised. You are saying "hey, I don't care this isn't gold or silver, I'm just having a bit of fun". Get those fabulous, easy, inexpensive bits and pieces from trust me when I say you will be AMAZED by the compliments you get.

Secondly, be brave with colour. The first step is using a base colour (grey or brown) depending on your palette and adding a 'pop' colour to it. This is the safest scenario. If you feel a bit braver, 'clash' a couple of your colours. For warmies I do plum and chartreuse a lot. Teal and khaki, mustard and burnt orange. For cool colours I like blue and green, think colours of the sea. I love turquoise and lemon. Pink and purple. Be adventurous and again, reap the rewards of confidence from all the compliments you will receive.

Lastly, how about some patterns. Stripes are a no fail way of adding some 'zing' to your wardrobe. Florals are pretty, geometrics are bold and confident. You don't have to do a full body of it (in fact you shouldn't unless it is a dress). But do add SOMETHING. It might even just be a striped scarf. It's up to you how you add it, but patterns are flattering, slimming and funky.

All three of these options and might be out of business! Let us show you how to do it.

Stay colourful, especially during Spring!!!