Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pretty patterns

Patterns, so many people are so scared of them! Don't be. They are amazing and suit everyone. This season we have a plethora of pattern. Best of all it comes in every shape, size and style.

This season we have two patterns that I find 'come around' most years. Stripes and animal print. What I like about this season's stripes, is that they are little more of a medium width, and therefore more flattering to the 'medium sized' woman. There is usual navy and white that is rather common when each year we have a burst of 'nautical'. This year there are many colours, not all are vertical OR horizontal -which for the record do NOT make you look fat. Some are swooping up into a point - see the attached photo of the current David Lawrence dress that we here at www.wardrobeflair.com.LOVE.

Other patterns big this season include polka dots - big and small, graphic prints (see Robyn Mathieson dress also attached), brush strokes and the very popular floral print.

The floral prints are riding the current 'ladylike' trend and can be found in larger, medium and smaller versions. Those of you scared of floral or pattern, have lots of choice this year. You can jump on to the patterned highway, or ease in with a dress that maybe has a little bit of pattern at the bottom, leaving most of the top 'safe'.

Anyone who feels they have any type of tummy issues, should embrace pattern. It really does distract the eye and does wonders for 'lumps and bumps. Rule of thumb is to get the pattern that fits your body shape. If small go for small-medium. If Medium stick with medium pattern, larger on larger frames only.

Enjoy, it's a wonderful season. Stay patterned and colourful!!!



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