Monday, June 28, 2010


How many times do you hear the word 'frumpy' associated with a woman? However, I have to say, there is many a man who has 'let it go' and is dressed in baggy, unflattering and old clothing. Is this your husband?

Now come on fellas! I know you hate shopping. I know you can't be bothered and often say 'I just don't care about these things'. But everybody wants to do the best with what they have and the compliments you could receive by just wearing a fitted shirt in the right colours would get your clothing mojo back (or find it!)

The wives and girlfriends are complaining about having to shop for you when its hard enough shopping for themselves. They are upset that their selections often do not meet with your approval. How about we cut to the chase and write MAN TALK.

1. This can be taken care of for you without stress
2. You don't have to do anything/pick anything
3. You can get a whole load of clothes that will keep you going for AGES.
4. There are clothes other than T-shirts and baggy jeans.

Easy huh? I think so. Wardrobe Flair has a huge amount of male clients. We are so very good at this and make it very easy.

Wives and partners, we do gift vouchers, so if that man is being stubborn and says "I don't need someone coming in to throw all my clothes away only to buy more' then gift us. As much as he rolls his eyes now, he will enjoy and appreciate it hugely.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Skirts & Shoes - the rules

SOOOOO many women don't have skirts in their wardrobe. Not because they don't like them or don't have any. Purely because they are confused about what shoes they should wear with them.

Winter is the easiest time to get into skirts. BOOTS BABY!!!! But, the rules for boots are none of these mid-calf jobbies. Seriously, it just does not look good if you are not going for the cutting edge fashion look. If you are going for boots with tunic dresses and skirts, then just below the knee is your best bet.

For the first pair of boots go classic. For the second pair go with a colour, for the third and subsequent, go funky!!! If you don't want to wear boots for whatever reason, then a Mary Jane or ballet type shoes with tights/leggings looks good with skirts, and dresses.

If vertically challenged, then remember to keep those shoes as open as possible. Giving yourself extra height. If again your are opting for one pair, go either black or brown depending on your colours or my pick is a metallic, goes with everything and again stick to your palette. Silver for cools, bronze for warms.

Get those skirts and dresses on. They suit the standard Kiwi shape beautifully!! An easy way to feel modern, stylish and feminine for all women.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What to Wear Workshop

This weather is a bit of a shock to the system! It's a time when companies need to inspire and encourage their staff to be happier at work. Hang up your dripping umbrella and take off that bright coloured but soggy coat and lets see what you are wearing!!

Many workplaces realise the knock-on effect of good 'wellness' plans and team building experiences. No not the 'fall back and I'll catch you type' either :-) I am currently booked to do quite a few What to Wear Workshops which will create a buzz in the office or workplace and help individuals with an area of their life that so many people still struggle with.

I tailor each presentation to the company and demographic and trust me when I say this is a subject that interests EVERYONE. Men and women all need to get dressed in the morning and we all want to do this quickly while still looking age appropriate, smart, professional and modern. But with different colouring and body shapes, it can be a minefield.

Trying to emulate other people's style or look usually ends in disaster and disappointment. If only it were that easy!! If you paint your house, you get a painter. This is exactly the same. Think about how fun, yet educational a What to Wear Workshop would be for your business or work.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Thank you!

What a great week. I don't care about the weather because my clients are SO nice and inspiring they have provided me with a little internal ray of sunshine (super cheesy I know...)

Let me explain. Started the week with a newbie. Always exciting to meet new lovely people and watch them ditch their dowdy black clothes and see the light (hallelujah) about colours.

Then followed a great shop at Queensgate with someone who hasn't been to Queensgate to shop in many years. Great success was had!

Next, a full day with a fabulous client's mum. A very brave lady who has had a very tough last few years. Watching her open the dressing room door with a big smile was a highlight. The email from her grateful daughter was also so nice about how much her mum had enjoyed herself.

Amidst a flurry of bookings, an email from a husband and wife set of clients who are now booking me to see both their mums who are due down on a exciting Wellington jaunt. I love the experience of getting to meet so many members of one family.

Finish my week with yet another great previous client. This time a wee Top-Up wardrobe session and then heading to Savemart for her real 'first time' second hand shop.

I met this wonderful lady in July 2006. This experience is different for many people for many reasons, and in particular this person embraced it completely and I don't think I am wrong in saying found it quite life-changing. I helped her find her first pair of jeans in many years, I also helped her find the outfit with which she eloped in.

Today was another milestone. Over 30kgs lighter, doing a half marathon and back to embracing colours and shapes, wearing new and exciting outfits that make her feel great. She looks sensational.

So a big thank you to all my loyal, wonderful clients who continue to book me, refer me and in general keep me in their lives. I love seeing them again, hearing about their adventures and watching them continue to blossom. It is weeks like this that make it a pleasure to do the job I do.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Super Stax

Lets face it. Some fabrics in STAX are not for everyone.

However my mantra has always been never to dismiss a shop because every season there could be a little 'gem' within them.

I love STAX in Queensgate because of its manager Christina, who is fabulous. And this season they have some lovely tunic-style dresses (photo above) and this cute little summer dress.

This dress has great straps, lovely cool colours, a band under the chest (ideal) and then floats down to an A-line skirt at a great length. Plus its currently on sale.

I challenge you all to check out at least ONE shop this season that you usually NEVER go into be it because you think a) the clothes are too young b) the clothes are too old c) its a 'skinny only' shop etc.

I shall also partake in this challenge. I plan on going into MILLERS. I never go to Millers, but this season, I'm going in!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish me luck and stay tuned to see what I find.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cute cords

Wondering what to wear your denim jacket with? So many people have great jackets but are limited in how they wear them because of the denim on denim rule (which by the way must never be broken!!). The answer is bootcut cords.

I don't care if your mother dressed you in these in the 70s and you have terrible memories of them. Move on!! They are awesome and a great alternative to wearing jeans. Just as comfortable, just as stylish, a little different.

Every year cords come out at around about this time. Favourite winter outfit - Cords, funky leather boots, Merino layers, denim jacket, colourful scarf and baker-boy hat.

If you haven't hooked up to being a friend of Wardrobe Flair on Facebook then I suggest you do! Then you will get to learn where all these wonderful things are! This is my more regular dumping ground of fashion and frivolous information.

It is officially winter kids. Time to rug up but don't bulk up!!