Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bloomin great boleros

I love bolero cardigans. For many reasons. One being that NZ never quite gets THAT hot, well not in Welly that's for sure. So some warm arms never go amiss. Second I would say 9 out of 10 women (no matter what shape, size or age) HATES their arms, so wants to cover them.

Lastly I love bolero for over dresses because quite often the more dressy the dress, the more detail it has on the front and when you cover it up with a tie or button up cardigan, that detail gets lost.

So the bolero is able to cover arms, provide warmth AND showcase the detail on your dress/top. Lets here it for the bolero!! Lots of places are doing great ones, from Hartley's at Westfield Queensgate, STAX to Shanton. All colours are covered so if you are looking to do one of the above mentioned, head to these stores.

The only other advice I have is don't go too boring with a black or white one. Try and contrast the dress with a fabulous colour that looks stunning. I love berry colours together so for instance on a recent client I teamed a purple berry coloured bolero from Ballentynes with a fuchsia pink dress from Jacqui E. Gorgeous!!!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Maxi dress must-haves

The Maxi dress is around for yet another summer. But who can wear it? Who will look great and who should avoid it at all costs?

As a dress its easy, versatile, comfortable and pretty. So lots of options on why you should have one. So who will struggle to get away with it?

The answer is those under 5ft 5 or 165cm. When shorter people wear longer dresses and skirts it over-powers their frame. They can end up looking swamped. So those of you who are shorter in statue stick with all those lovely just above the knee tunics that elongate your legs and make you look amazing.

Ladies with curves and with height, you should go for it on the Maxi dress front. The only criteria you are looking for is 1. Make it a great colour for you 2. Get one with a band that sits under the bust to nip you in at your thinnest point. 3. Keep the straps proportionate to your body size. 4. Don't have too much volume over the tummy. Nobody needs the dreaded 'when you are due' question...

Don't save Maxi dresses for evening only, they are casual dresses that are good for wearing in the weekends. They cover your legs (against sun, lazy shavers and any bits you don't like) while keeping you feeling cool, summery and pretty.

Team them with a nice tie cardigan for day wear OR a casual denim jacket, or dress them up with a fabulous necklace and bolero for summer evening wear. They are so versatile.

I look forward to seeing colourful ladies in Maxi dresses this summer!