Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Season Shopping time

Do you have time to shop each season? Not many people say 'yes'. Those that love to shop are fine, but for the people that Wardrobe Flair see each day, shopping is described as 'a nightmare' a 'hated chore' and 'lots of stress'.

We understand. So many people panic buy. Then never really wear the piece. Then feel guilt having spent the money and not wearing it, so leave it to languish in their wardrobe for months if not years.

Wouldn't it be nice to pick a up few 'bits and pieces' each season that you feel good in and make you feel like you are enjoying fashion and taking advantage of the styles and colours that suit you? I think the answer to this is 'yes!".

At www.wardrobeflair.com we now provide a service that allows this. If you know your colour palette (whether done via us or others) then you can sign up from our website. We let you know the colours that suit you that are coming for that season and more importantly WHERE to find both classic and funky items in the actual shops.

Let us do the hard work for you. We go into all shops, from high end to medium to lower end so that it suits any budget. We cover the coming trends, what to look for, what to be wary of and HOW to wear these trends.

For $27 (via www.wardrobeflair.com) you can sit back and wait till our email hits your inbox with all the suggestions we have. You can then print this off and use it to shop for what you need that season. This small payment gets you 3 newsletters. Spring, Summer and Autumn/Winter.

The summer edition is due out in December. Sign up now and get this newsletter, then you will also receive Autumn/Winter 2012 and Spring 2012. We don't want you to struggle any longer. Do something great for yourself today.

Stay colourful



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Year Resolutions

So it is nearly the end of the year. And what an interesting one it has been. So many people have experienced quite an extreme year of highs and lows. The last 6 weeks before Xmas, certainly for those of us who have children are a frantic race between children's events, Xmas shopping, planning, working and attending parties and functions.

So needless to say when you get to catch your breath (probably January at this stage) it is a good time to reflect on the past year and make some decisions about the new year. As a rule, new years resolutions are usually based on food/drink/bad habits. How often do we stick to these? Not often.

I suggest a much better approach and that is to think of one physical goal that is achievable (small amount of exercise?) trying something new (indoor netball, yoga) a professional goal - how you are going to do something a little better/faster easier this year and finally a personal goal.

For the personal goal it can be about being more patient, being more open to trying new things or getting down to solving some problem you have struggled with. I meet many men and women who have struggled with clothes, their shape, their colours and feeling frumpy and 'lost' when it comes to their personal appearance.

One of the best parts of this job is seeing the relief people's faces when they know a) MANY people struggle with this b) it CAN be solved and made easier c) they come away from a shop with clothes that mix and match and go together to last them for the next few seasons and beyond.

We can't promise you that you will magically love shopping. What we can promise is that it WILL be easier, it will take you less time and you will get up in the morning and have a wardrobe that all goes together and that you feel REALLY GOOD in. Whether it's a great pair of jeans or a structured work outfit.

All those things that bamboozle you such as accessories, which colours go with what, what SHOES do you wear with those skirts are answered. You can attend that function, evening out with a great party dress or smart blazer and jeans.

By solving those problems you will free you up to put your energy into all those other things you want to achieve in 2012. You can look and feel great NO MATTER what size or shape you are. Make the decision to do something for YOURSELF in 2012. Life is short and precious. We are a great Xmas gift to YOU. www.wardrobeflair.com

Stay colourful!