Monday, November 15, 2010

Telly Trends - Mad Men

What starts a trend? To be honest, many things but it is always driven by media so therefore it stands to reason that really popular TV shows can have a large influence.

Set in the 1960s, Mad Men has won thirteen Emmys and four Golden Globes. But for the Fasionistas, it's beautiful costumes has made us fall in love with the feminine late 1950s, early 60's fashion.

Waists are clinched in (sigh!! hooray) fabrics are pretty and interesting. Jewellery features big, especially in the clothing themselves, puffed sleeves, delicate draping, florals, A-line skirts.

The best thing about these era's were the shapes that came out suit all body types. The 50s inspired bodice, belt and A line skirt looks amazing on a women with curves. The maxi, 60s shift dress looks fabulous on those of us without many curves.

This is also the time to jump in and try some new fabrics. Interesting textures make a wardrobe fun and inspiring. Think everything from brocade, lace - which features very heavily this summer - cashmere wool, velour, velvet (a personal favourite in casual jackets for me!!), satin and leather.

So ladies, embrace these wonderful trends. They flatter our shape, they make us feel feminine, there IS something for everyone, shape, size, age. If you don't, then when the next crazy fashion cycle returns (think puff-ball skirts...) then you will have missed the opportunity to embrace fashion and have some fun.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wardrobe Flair Vouchers for Xmas

All those people who have been converted to the Colour, Shape, Fit mantra of Wardrobe Flair are no doubt enjoying the compliments and confidence that comes with feeling really good about how they look.

Whether you are heading out to the supermarket (yes even there....) or out with friends and family. Knowing that when you leave the house you look modern, stylish, colourful and feel totally comfortable is a great feeling. Addictive one might even say...

Those of you that have met us know we are totally passionate about helping both men and women to achieve this goal. Most of our clients have struggled in one way or another with knowing what to buy, what suits, who is telling the truth at the shops and just in general making sure their money is used wisely with each purchase while also feeling overwhelmed by the choices in the shops.

We have seen 'hoardrobes' (still one of my favourite sayings thanks to my client - you know who you are - that gave me it!) and minimalists to the point of me going under the bed just trying to see whether they really do only have 6 pieces of clothing.

This Xmas, think about sharing the love. Family members can pitch together to buy a Wardrobe Flair voucher for someone who has struggled with these issues. Or if you feel this person would embrace the experience, purchase a wardrobe flair voucher of any monetary amount that suits you and either the recipient or their family can make up the difference. They can use this money towards a wardrobe consult, or a shop, maybe even some jewellery or a colour and shape party.

All we need to know if who the voucher is going to, who you would like it to say it is from, we sent you the voucher (which looks lovely printed on a colour printer and laminated) and our bank account details and it is as easy as that. Sorted.

If you have any questions about how to go about buying a voucher, email

Stay colourful and spread that love!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Swimmingly good swimsuits

Most women pull some sort of grimace when you mention a swimsuit. Most have really old pieces that hardly ever see the sun. Is there a good swimsuit to suit your body shape? No matter what size or shape you are? Yes there is!

Lets go through the principles from the very top of the swimsuit. The straps. Keep these proportionate to your body shape. Most important for those with a larger chest or broad shoulders, keep them wider. This cuts through the area and makes it appear smaller.

Second, the neckline. Again, those with a larger bust or wider shoulders need to have a V or round neck swimsuit. While padding is usually reserved for us smaller chested girls, don't not try it on yourselves. Even larger busted women can need help with some support and sometime a helpful hand from lightweight padding can help with this.

Smaller busted girls DO need padding and the shape of your upper costume need to be fuller or rouched to create more of the illusion of more bust. This is usually to balance out any hips in the scenario.

Right, next stop the tummy area. Rouch rouch rouch we say! Its a girl's best friend. Quite a few swimwear options now have side rouching with a sort of cross-over front V neck swimsuit with wider straps. Perfect.

Another option is a plain pair of bottoms (we shall discuss style soon) and a patterned 'tankini" this is a top that is not attached to the bottoms but is a separate piece that covers the tummy. Use pattern wisely, keep it proportionate and it will hide any lumps or bumps you may not want seen.

Lastly, bottoms. I find for those with bigger thighs then the 'boy short' style really reduces them. For those without many curves, this is the time to have a higher cut or more standard 'brief' style bottom.

If this all seems a bit scary, then invest in a great kaftans type over-top. I have seen loads of the around. Nice flimsy material so not so hot, great lower necklines and soft floaty fabric that covers everything. Get one with a bit of bling on the front and I would be really impressed!

I hope this helps you. If you have any questions, then please feel free to use the comment section or email me at