Sunday, May 15, 2011

Winter Wonderland

How do you make the gloom of winter take on a brighter note in an inexpensive and practical way? By using winter accessories is how! Using colourful and fun accessories like scarves, hats, gloves and funky coloured boots are a great way to enjoy the colder climate with the added extra of all those compliments!

If you have as standard black winter cool coat, think how a fashionable scarf in a colour that brings out your eyes and encircles your face will help with the draining effect black can have on many people. Don't go too bulky, but by all means go bright and funky, my favourite for this season is a striped scarf.

Hats are great but many people are scared of them. If you have a smaller round head, then look for something with a peak. A baker-boy style hat is great on this face shape. The peak balances out the 'roundness' of the head and these look very stylish while keeping your head lovely and warm. Those with more of a pronounced chin and a larger head can wear beanies, which look fabulous and usually have scarves that match - bonus!

I like coloured gloves in great colours or good old fashion, smart leather gloves that keep hands beautifully warm and keep you looking stylish. Another addition to the wardrobe of 'fun' can be a coloured pair of knee high boots. Many people have a good base colour like black or brown, but maybe it's time to invest in a green or blood red pair? Don't worry about 'matching' enjoy them, clash them with any colour.

If its time to buy that new winter coat then be brave and go colourful! Trust me, people will smile at you on the street. Too many people are concerned with matching, but with winter coats which get taken off when you arrive somewhere, there is no need to worry about this. It is better to make that impact as soon as you walk into a room with a great coloured coat. First impressions count!

Enjoy winter, its a great time for layering up on lots of lovely items. This season's goal is to try and add a little colour into your winter accessories and enjoy the effect it has on your mood and everyone else's!



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