Monday, June 28, 2010


How many times do you hear the word 'frumpy' associated with a woman? However, I have to say, there is many a man who has 'let it go' and is dressed in baggy, unflattering and old clothing. Is this your husband?

Now come on fellas! I know you hate shopping. I know you can't be bothered and often say 'I just don't care about these things'. But everybody wants to do the best with what they have and the compliments you could receive by just wearing a fitted shirt in the right colours would get your clothing mojo back (or find it!)

The wives and girlfriends are complaining about having to shop for you when its hard enough shopping for themselves. They are upset that their selections often do not meet with your approval. How about we cut to the chase and write MAN TALK.

1. This can be taken care of for you without stress
2. You don't have to do anything/pick anything
3. You can get a whole load of clothes that will keep you going for AGES.
4. There are clothes other than T-shirts and baggy jeans.

Easy huh? I think so. Wardrobe Flair has a huge amount of male clients. We are so very good at this and make it very easy.

Wives and partners, we do gift vouchers, so if that man is being stubborn and says "I don't need someone coming in to throw all my clothes away only to buy more' then gift us. As much as he rolls his eyes now, he will enjoy and appreciate it hugely.


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