Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Skirts & Shoes - the rules

SOOOOO many women don't have skirts in their wardrobe. Not because they don't like them or don't have any. Purely because they are confused about what shoes they should wear with them.

Winter is the easiest time to get into skirts. BOOTS BABY!!!! But, the rules for boots are none of these mid-calf jobbies. Seriously, it just does not look good if you are not going for the cutting edge fashion look. If you are going for boots with tunic dresses and skirts, then just below the knee is your best bet.

For the first pair of boots go classic. For the second pair go with a colour, for the third and subsequent, go funky!!! If you don't want to wear boots for whatever reason, then a Mary Jane or ballet type shoes with tights/leggings looks good with skirts, and dresses.

If vertically challenged, then remember to keep those shoes as open as possible. Giving yourself extra height. If again your are opting for one pair, go either black or brown depending on your colours or my pick is a metallic, goes with everything and again stick to your palette. Silver for cools, bronze for warms.

Get those skirts and dresses on. They suit the standard Kiwi shape beautifully!! An easy way to feel modern, stylish and feminine for all women.

Trudi www.wardrobeflair.com

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