Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cute cords

Wondering what to wear your denim jacket with? So many people have great jackets but are limited in how they wear them because of the denim on denim rule (which by the way must never be broken!!). The answer is bootcut cords.

I don't care if your mother dressed you in these in the 70s and you have terrible memories of them. Move on!! They are awesome and a great alternative to wearing jeans. Just as comfortable, just as stylish, a little different.

Every year cords come out at around about this time. Favourite winter outfit - Cords, funky leather boots, Merino layers, denim jacket, colourful scarf and baker-boy hat.

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It is officially winter kids. Time to rug up but don't bulk up!!

Trudi www.wardrobeflair.com


Janine said...

I am looking for cords, I so want to wear some this year, have only seen freaking brown ones of late. I stay clear of brown lol

Trudi Bennett said...

I shall keep my eye out. The reason I am posting SOOOO much about warm stuff lately is cause last year we had NOTHING. I mean NOTHING in the shops and so many warm tones have given up!!! Its coming back!!!!!!