Friday, June 11, 2010

Thank you!

What a great week. I don't care about the weather because my clients are SO nice and inspiring they have provided me with a little internal ray of sunshine (super cheesy I know...)

Let me explain. Started the week with a newbie. Always exciting to meet new lovely people and watch them ditch their dowdy black clothes and see the light (hallelujah) about colours.

Then followed a great shop at Queensgate with someone who hasn't been to Queensgate to shop in many years. Great success was had!

Next, a full day with a fabulous client's mum. A very brave lady who has had a very tough last few years. Watching her open the dressing room door with a big smile was a highlight. The email from her grateful daughter was also so nice about how much her mum had enjoyed herself.

Amidst a flurry of bookings, an email from a husband and wife set of clients who are now booking me to see both their mums who are due down on a exciting Wellington jaunt. I love the experience of getting to meet so many members of one family.

Finish my week with yet another great previous client. This time a wee Top-Up wardrobe session and then heading to Savemart for her real 'first time' second hand shop.

I met this wonderful lady in July 2006. This experience is different for many people for many reasons, and in particular this person embraced it completely and I don't think I am wrong in saying found it quite life-changing. I helped her find her first pair of jeans in many years, I also helped her find the outfit with which she eloped in.

Today was another milestone. Over 30kgs lighter, doing a half marathon and back to embracing colours and shapes, wearing new and exciting outfits that make her feel great. She looks sensational.

So a big thank you to all my loyal, wonderful clients who continue to book me, refer me and in general keep me in their lives. I love seeing them again, hearing about their adventures and watching them continue to blossom. It is weeks like this that make it a pleasure to do the job I do.


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Janine said...

Awwww thanks Trudi, you made my eyes water lol. Don't worry they are happy tears. I had a great time and its just helped me refocus again.