Monday, August 30, 2010

Accessory of the season

I have recently been up at the Auckland Gift Fair and it was amazing as always to see so much beautiful jewellery and various other accessories. I noticed a huge amount of wonderful scarves this year and yes ladies, I purchased a fair amount of them.

Scarves can be a girls best friend. They are comfortable, and when you wear them to the specified neckline that suits you (a little more open for those with a bigger bust) and higher up for those who are somewhat smaller in the chest department, they look fantastic.

The scarves these days are meant to stay on, not be taken off like those old woolly ones worn for pure warmth. They are an accessory in their own right. They add texture and colour to an outfit.

They allow people to incorporate seasonal trends without having to wear an item of normal clothing. Stripes in, then striped scarf it is. Floral in, then a pretty floral scarf is going to be just the ticket.

Staying modern with trends is a way of feeling like you are moving with the fashion times. Its keeps our wardrobes fresh and interesting.

So keep your eyes peeled to this blog and our Facebook account - which has DAILY tips on what to wear for when the next batch of scarves are coming in. They are utterly divine.


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Sarah said...

And why did you not come and stay with us?!! I'd love to see you again. I'd also love one of your sessions. My wardrobe is desperate for attention! Actually I don't have a wardrobe this year, it's out of action with renovations so it's lucky there isn't too much to house elsewhere.

Trudi Bennett said...

What I need to do I make my stay in Auckland longer!! That way I can come and do a few wardrobes and get to see everyone. NOte to self - LONGER in Auckalnd.