Sunday, August 8, 2010

The MILLERS challenge

Yes. I did it. I went into Millers, a shop I never go into. I practiced what I preached. I went looking for items that shone and did I find some?

Yes I did! Now as we always say here at Wardrobe Flair, never judge a shop by it's shoppers. Glassons may be full of 18 year olds, but always has some jems. Millers may not have had anyone under 50 in it while I was there, but as I found, it still can come up with some goodies.
One thing I really like to see in a shop, is a good size ratio. Millers ranges from 10 to size 22. A good start. However, is not set out in a particularly attractive way with most clothing swished onto one of those old style circular rack things.

But they must have seen the merit in some of the pieces I liked, because they were the ones they mostly choose to display.

The above photos show some clothing that I would have selected a warm toned client to try on. I really liked the wide-leg dusky pink cords and while a few pictures show some sweatshirts, hey, we still do need casual clothing as well!!

So enjoy the photos. Take the challenge. Go into THAT shop you never go into today, whether it because you label it too young/skinny/stuck up/cheap or frumpy. You just never know.....



Janine said...

Well done on completing the challenge. Som good finds there :-)

Anonymous said...

that was bold.

Anonymous said...

that was very bold and adventurous!