Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boys in Blazers

Where did the suit go? Who knows, but it is pretty much nearly gone in most working environments. This caused SUCH a dilemma for many men. They had their suit and shirt for work, then their jeans and old Ts for home. Then someone changed the rules and said 'hey, lets go casual dressy".

We are now many years into the casual dressy work attire and men are still struggling. However, there is a solution! The blazer is the new 'suit' for men. Not only does this tick all the boxes with a casual smart pair of trousers and shirt for work, it looks fabulous with jeans for going out. Bonus!

Many men lack this 'going out' item, or some sort of jacket they can throw on at work for when a little more professionalism is needed. I see so many old, dusty suits and am told many of these are kept at work for that 'just in case' moment.

I really believe the blazer is the way forward. A well cut blazer looks fantastic and some of my favourites actually have a little bit of texture included too. Think fine cord or velvet (don't freak out boys it looks really good!!)

Easy, plain colours are best. Classic cuts are also best. Some stores are trying to 'funk' the blazer up and adding epauletts. These look cool now but will dates, so unless you are going to be buying TWO blazers, keep it nice and simple.

Meccano has a lovely dark navy blazer (Queensgate & Porirua) Rodd & Gunn have a great charcoal option. Even Haldenstein's jumped on board last season had a great brown blazer. So they are around. Find the cut and colour that will go best with all your shirts and enjoy the benefits of not having to worry about looking too casual any more!

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Janine said...

I can see Mike freaking out now lol. Although I think he would look great in a blazer for those going out moments, like the one we had a few weeks ago. We looked in his wardrobe and he had two extremes, too casual and work gear and stuff no one should wear as you will see on Thursday lol.

Trudi Bennett said...

Janine, this is SO common. That 'casual dressy' gap that so many men have. The ideal is to have at least one outfit for most occasions, and I KNOW the women of Wellington do not want their men folk in baggy old jeans and a faded old shirt for when they head out to dinner!!