Monday, March 1, 2010

NZ Mountain Bike Festival - Lycra ROCKS!

There is fashion in every field and this weekend was spent, literally, in a field looking at a lot of lycra clad people competing in the Raboplus Mountain Bike Championships.

Fantastic event and an awesome effort by all competitors. A special congrats to my husband who was a Bushlove Racing machine and is now the Masters II National Champion!

In my business we also have the 'pro-elite' fasionistas. We have your matching lycra with helmet and shades covering an icy stare road-biking stylists and your banana in the back pocket and baggy bordies for wearing afterwards image consultants. If you are under any illusion as to which I am, you obviously didn't see me this weekend clutching my supporter sign and yelling in my loudest BLB1 voice.

The positives of lycra are that at least I don't have to tell people they are wearing the wrong size! And I would hazard a guess to say that many sportspeople have a draw of lycra, a draw of icebreakers and some work clothes. Not too far wrong?

In support of this weeks NZ Mountain bike festival and because its an amazing event, with and great set of people, I want to give riders and supporters the option of keeping their draws of lycra and icebreakers but being able to add to it a small set of casual dressy clothes that will also give them the edge at work and in social situations.

For all those people who book a wardrobe session with me at and put in their email CLIVE BENNETT IS A NATIONAL CHAMPION, a 10% discount on my wardrobe consultation is yours! I take a logical, practical approach to making you look and feel as confident at you can off the tracks, as you do on them.

P.S you downhill boys were amazing on Sunday - crazy bikes, crazy speed, crazy hill, crazy wind and wow, some CRAZY outfits!!


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Sarah said...

Fabulous news Trudi and Clive!!! Sounds like a very exciting day for you all.