Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What is with the Wellington weather?

My husband says he wants me to have a t-shirt printed saying "I survived the Karori tornado". What was all THAT about? Rain and southerlies one day, brilliant sunshine and calm the next.

I keep waiting to do my seasonal clothing changeover but find I am need a bit of both at the moment! Thanks to the beauty of layering, we can keep heaps of our clothes in our wardrobes all year round.

I would say about 8 out of every 10 people I see on a day to day basis struggle with layering their clothes, don't really understand the concept or how to do it. Once you know, it can really help you with all types of weather conditions and body regulating issues - the hot person, the cold person etc.

Here is an example of layering for a colder person. A merino singlet(1), with a long sleeved T (2), a great wool blend funky cardigan & belt (3) a casual jacket & scarf (4). As you can see at any time any of these layers can be taken off easily to suit the climate or conditions. Use colour to create a really funky layering concept and you are off!

What is really trendy at the moment is combining different textures. So you have a flimsy short-sleeved chiffon top that you usually only wear when its really hot? HELLO!!! Its WELLINGTON, you are NEVER going to get a lot of wear out of it. So instead, how about popped either a long-sleeved T, Metalicus, or fitted merino under it and there you have it! a great, modern look and you get to wear your lovely floaty top in winter time.

Layering is a beautiful thing. If you need help, then call us www.wardrobeflair.com. Seriously, we are SOOOOO good at showing you how to do it with your existing clothes and any bits and pieces we pick up to supplement your wardrobe. Its fun and SO practical too.

P.S. Stay away from tornados - they are not a good look for clothing OR hair!

Trudi www.wardrobeflair.com


Janine said...

To be honest I could do with some help on layering. I guess I have never done that before because, I thought that being bigger meant more layers meant more bulk.

Trudi Bennett said...

Lots of people find it hard. But any size can do it. Its about fine layers. Think thin merinos, with a lovely caridgan over the top then a fitted jacket. Those three layers probably are the same size as one big bulky cable knit jersey! But they look nicer and you can take off a layer which is really practical.