Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New season looks exciting!!

It was great going shopping last week. But then I always say that! LOL. However I was really excited to see the new season clothes flooding into the shops. It always makes me happy when fashion starts to align with real woman's actual body shapes.

For instance. While the tunic/over dress is still huge, the shape is not so billowy or full. I am seeing lovely cuts, with more nipped in waists. And for those dresses that are still generous with fabric that you can loose your body in, there are gorgeous tailored blazers everyone that you can throw on over the top and instantly create a great shape. Which is YOUR shape! Boobs, waist, hips - hooray, the perfect womanly hourglass shape.

Lots of great colours for both warm and cool tones. Double Yay. Another thing I am loving is the mix of fabrics. Gorgeous cotton cardigans with satin sleeves, or knit tops with chiffon or see-through draped sleeves. Sigh. Its bliss!

Enjoy this season, its going to be great. More news to come with some more specific bits and pieces that I really like. Stay tuned - stay colourful!!!

Trudi www.wardrobeflair.com


Anonymous said...

thank goodness - I am need of more clothes!! Justine

Janine said...

Hi Trudi, just catching up on your blog posts. Congrats to Clive your champion of a husband.....awesome effort.

Can I just say I have become a huge fan of Savemart, loving it so much and every few weeks I am heading there to stock up on a few new items.

Just wondering if you could do a blog post on accessories or scarves....for scarves some ideas on how to wear them and tips for body shapes etc...also some ideas on some key pieces of accessories...what is a must have etc etc...

I have become so interested in what I am wearing and how I am wearing it....

Trudi Bennett said...

Hi Janine

Great idea for blog. Shall get right on to it! Glad to hear you are loving Savemart and getting into accessories. Stay tuned :-)