Wednesday, October 14, 2009

STOP! no really I mean STOP! - Hammer time

You may be aware that the 80s are back. What mystifies me about fashion is not that an era's fashion sense returns, more that what was pretty awful back then is revived again! Seriously, we checked out those low-crotched hammer pants back then and they were ugly. Guess what? They are STILL ugly!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE fashion. I just happen to have that logical and practical eye that sees the shapes and designs on REAL bodies. Hmmm.... Who suits the Hammer/Harem/Carrot top pants this season??? wait for it..... NOBODY!

If you are a stick thin model and you wear Harem trousers, you are likely to look like a stick thin model with great big thighs. If you have thighs, you are going to look like someone with BIGGER thighs. Obviously some versions are not quite as extreme as others. If you must, then at least choose that tamer option and make sure you balance out the upper half of your body.

I have also seen a huge comeback with the Cargo trouser. The shops are loaded with them. Men and women's versions. Cargo pants can look great, but women who have those aforementioned thighs, beware of stitching AND where those pockets sit. On the side of the largest part of your thighs is again not a good look. Pockets that are at the front of your trousers do not need to draw attention to these areas either.

If YOUR eyes are drawn to your thighs, so will everyone else's! So trust your instinct. If you FEEL 'hippy', its not right for you. If you feel great, and take the time to scrutinise yourself well, then you will enjoy them. I am all for finding alternatives to wonderful - but overused -


Anonymous said...

Don't mention these pants:

Trudi Bennett said...

OMG. I can NOT believe those pants!!!!! crazy crazy crazy

Sarah said...

Fantastic and welcome to blogging! I will now be able to enjoy your fashion advice without having to visit you. No really, we will make that trip down sometime soon. Look forward to your blogging.

Tiger said...

Great call Truds. I was walking up Willis st yesterday and saw a women wearing a pair of said pants OMG NO, and in public! From a guys point of view they make me cringe and as you can imagine have no appeal at ALL.

If anyone wishes to wear them, I hope they'll enjoy their life of celibacy.