Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The September Issue

If you haven't been to see this facinating documentary about the trials and tribulations of getting American Vogues biggeset issue of the year out, you should. There are no surprises with Anna Wintour - she is the ice-maiden and we learn her father's father was Victorian which may go a way to explaining this 'coolness' During the movie she says of her grandfather's realionship to her father 'I don't think he ever actually spoke to him'.

I thought Anna had very expressive but sad eyes, which is why I think she always wears sunglasses. If the women is bored my word do you KNOW about it just from a look. She doesn't suffer fools gladly and can make a decision in a split second. She does however melt once during the filming and that is when she is with her daughter. It is lovely to see.

As all the reviewers are saying, and rightly so, the spotlight does however fall on Anna's sidekick Grace Coddington. She of the sacky clothes, frizzy triange red hair and stomping clunky granny shoes. Once a gorgeous model, now a creative genius, the relationship between her and Anna is interesting and funny. It was amazing to watch her work. How she visualised the fashion shoots, the models, every single detail was perfect and inspirational.

All in all a real eye-opener to the inner workings of the elite fashion magazine world. Facinating, scary, frantic and taken very very seriously. www.wardrobeflair.com


Janine said...

Wow Trudi, I love the fact that you will be blogging. Love the new website it looks fantastic....great work. I enjoyed having a look round the new site and oh some very nice jewellery you have on there.

Trudi Bennett said...

Hi Janine

So great to hear from you!!!
Thanks for your lovely feedback.

Anonymous said...

Too true - I totally agree with your comments about this film. My sentiments exactly regarding her deeper side with her daughter. Well written!