Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Wardrobe

Its personal I know, but this is my wardrobe. Full? Yes. Perfect? No. When I was featured in the Dom Post last November, it was stated that I love every piece in it. Yes, this is true. Why have a piece if you don't love it? What is the point in having 'fat' clothes, or the ones you wear because everything else is in the wash? Why step out the house feeling bad about how you look and start your day that way?

You don't have to have as many as I do (occupational habit...) If they are right, they will mix and match. You will have basic pieces which you team with funky, fun pieces. You will have classic staples and designer goodies (from designer shops, Savemart or Trademe).

As important as this, you will also have great accessories. As you can see from my photo, I have all my necklaces at the end of my wardorbe with my bags so I can select them WITH my outfit. Unseen are my shoes (below) and at the door end of my wardrobe I have my scarves (many) and other accessories. Don't underestimate them. They add that extra finishing touch.

My wardrobe is hung colour-coded - this enables me to see what colours I have too much of, need more of, and what goes with what. Don't have skirt, top, trousers blocks. If this sounds anal, it is! LOL. BUT it helps you every single morning when you are racing to get to work/school/anywhere! So lets say HOORAY to anal and boo hiss to messy, unco-ordinated colours and clothes.

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