Thursday, October 22, 2009

Frolicking Frills

The shops are awash with frills. On shoulders, down dresses, on skirts. Horizontal, vertical, cascading. You name it, frills are flowing. So who can wear this pretty, feminine symbol? Luckily most people, but in varying different ways.

If you have a good set of shoulders on you, steer clear of any frills off the shoulder-line. No need to add bulk to an area that already is wide enough. Therefore think about the diagonal frill across the chest (but only if you don't have huge boobs as well....) OR even better, a nice vertical frill down the skirt or at its outer edge.

Those who are not well-endowed, think about using those frills to your advantage. Frills down the chest add that little 'extra' that is really flattering. It essentially hides the fact you don't have much in the chest department.

Those who consider their hips a focal point and have smallish shoulders, consider doing the opposite of our broader shoulder friend and widen this area with pretty frills.

Life is about balance. Dressing for your shape is about balance too. Fashion phases come and go and its handy to know how to use each different aspect to best suit YOUR OWN


ANNA said...

Hi Trudi, welcome to the blogging world - I will be following your blog with great interest! Great to see you are so popular and bring so much 'enlightenment' to the grubby masses [of which I am one!] Well done on the blog and the business too :)

Trudi Bennett said...

Hi Anna

Thanks heaps for your comment. I LOVE blogging! I wonder why its taken me so long considering I have so much to say about the good the bad and the plain evil state of fashion!! haha