Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer skin stresses

Summer is on its way and that usually means we have to show a little more skin than we have for the past 6 months. I have found the biggest stresses for women are arms (wanting to cover any 'bingo' wings) and legs which may have veins or discolorations. It can be a fraught battle between the heat and the comfort each person has of baring bits we don't like others to see.

The arms are quite easy to solve to be honest. Nowadays there are lots of lightweight, 3/4 or short-sleeved cardigans that we can add to our singlets, dresses and tops. I especially like tie cardigans that sit around the rib cage about an inch under the chest. When adding 'arms' to a dress, I like bolero-type cardigans. This way the detail of the front of the dress is not ruined by having a cardigan come across the front.

Legs are a little harder to cover when its hot. So many women want to wear skirts, but feel those pesky veins and broken capillaries are not something they want to show. Firstly know that you are not alone, so many women feel the same. Again it is about whether you decided you can bite the bullet and wear that skirt, knowing that nobody actually is going to notice them in their 3 second scan of you, especially if you have lovely colour on, and are wearing a fabulous outfit with great accessories. Its sensory overload and a couple of veins are not going to get a look-in!

However for many, that is just not an option and other people do have to understand that this feels very valid to you. For you there are a couple of options depending on other circumstances. One is that if you are tall, you can wear a maxi dress this summer. This way you have full, light-weight and pretty coverage of your legs right to the ankle. A great option that will not make you feel 'locked' into always wearing trousers.

Another option is leggings. Cotton leggings are lighter than say jeans and again with a pretty skirt or tunic dress can be a lovely, feminine option for those of you who want full leg coverage.

Most people have lightweight summer trousers but I wanted to remind people that dresses can also be an option.

A great wardrobe has variety that suits you and that you feel fantastic in. So this summer, if you have areas you dislike its all about looking at the styles around and adapting it to suit you.

Good luck and I hope to see lots of lovely dresses around this season! Call us if you need help shopping for them.

Trudi www.wardrobeflair.com

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