Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spring clean your wardrobe

So Spring is here! How exciting. I love this time of year for many reasons. One of them being that I really enjoy transitioning my wardrobe. Here is how I spring-clean my wardrobe to make me feel like I have new clothes - without having to spend any money!

Firstly I take out all really warm, woolly skirts, trousers and tops. These I put in another room for next winter.

Then I make sure that I have all my clothes on ONE hanger per item. When you start doubling up clothing on hangers you FORGET what you have. If each piece has its own hanger, you remember it, see it, use it.

I bring in from my other wardrobe (gulp....) my finer layering items like Metalicus, Vigorella and long and three-quarter sleeved Ts.

I then do a scan to see what these new (old) items can go with on what I have. Especially for layering purposes. So a nice floaty chiffon top, can now have a metalicus under it instead of a merino. Maybe in a different colour and with a contrasting necklace to make me feel like its a whole new outfit.

I check out my new accessories, and look at where I can add something to help 'zing' up an outfit. For instance, a simple T + cardigan looks great with a wide belt and long beads. I whole different outfit. Next I would take off the belt and add a funky scarf to check out that option.

Stay really focused on adding that colour to base or 'boring' colours. Plain top? how about a brightly coloured singlet under it instead of the usual one you wear?

Put wool coats away and get out all those fabulous funky textured jackets you have. You don't? Well go and get some then! I want to see cotton, cord, velvet. Great for work, great with jeans and a scarf.

Colour code your wardrobe so you can see your 'colour gaps'. Make a list of all the colours you are lacking and that needs to be your spring/summer focus. If they are not in the mainstream shops, head to second-hand shops to source that colour.

Finally, pattern. Do you have enough? Are you a bit scared of it? Pattern is flattering, modern and can be added through various ways (see previous text on patterned and multi-coloured pieces!)

This morning I woke up and honestly felt like I had a new wardrobe. I love how by getting rid of all my bulky knits I felt like winter was really over and it was like a mental spring clean!! Fabulous.

The photo above shows just one skirt, but two very different combinations. Don't get stuck in the rut of wearing the same top with the same skirt.

Now if you look, and just can't see what a marvellous wardrobe you have and are not wearing all your options because you just don't know what they go with, call us. You need a Top-Up. One hour later you will feel like you have a new wardrobe - trust me!! It's true.

Stay colourful



Sarah said...

But wasn't it only 11 degrees in Welly today?! Sure was hot here today, very tropical feeling. If only I had enough clothes to be able to spring clean my wardrobe! Seriously I only have a few things. Oh got the necklace thank you and have worn it already. It's a bit bigger than I had imagined but it will be fine I'm sure. Must try it on with the dress soon.

Trudi Bennett said...

Glad to hear you have worn it. Its a great size for you. Don't be scared :-) I know its bigger than you usually do. Bet it looks fabulous and you get lots of compliments.