Friday, July 23, 2010

Tunics + curvy girl = Awesome

So many fads and phases. So many trends and styles coming and going. What is best for the 16+ curvy girl? As I am always saying, trends are great, as long as they actually suit your body shape, colours and personality!

The tunic / over-dress is a huge trend. And its pretty hard to ignore it. Whilst doing our Walk-in Wardrobe sessions at Queensgate, the question most asked was "Can I do this trend or am I too old/curvy".

The answer is YES. You can do this trend but it needs to be adapted for both your shape and your age. The curvy woman who has a bigger bust and some hips needs to balance both these out. Therefore the following rules are:

Lower neckline tunic or dress
Good nipped in waist or shape
An A-LINE tunic that sits just above the knee.

There you go. Easy peeasy. They look great, they are comfortable and there is a tunic for everyone. Ok, so we have covered curves, about what about height? Again, adapt. The tunic style actually really suits the shorter woman. This is because she is able to have a shorter dress (just above the knees) and this then adds more length to her legs.

I found some superb tunics at... wait for it.... Ballentynes!! See attached photo!! They really are great and have a fabulous cut. My 5ft 2, Size 16/18 Friday client bought the striped one, and we teamed it with stretchy fitted grey trousers and a purple long sleeve T. She was so shocked to see how great she looked it brought a wee tear to my eye!

Other ones I have spotted and like have been from Farmers, who of course again do great sizes. One of these was in the Ella J range (blue pattern above) and the other in the Wild Child section (Red pattern above).

So go for it, follow the rules and find a tunic that suits you. This fashion phase is here for some time and trust me when I say once you are in - YOU ARE IN! Its so completely comfortable and stylish.

Enjoy and if you need some help finding that tunic, then give us a call.



Anonymous said...

What would you suggest to go with the blue Ella J one at this time of year? In other words, seeing it has short sleeves would a long sleeve T look ok under it? Or not?

Trudi Bennett said...

Yes, a long-sleeve under would be ideal for this. Then if you need another layer, a tie cardigan over the top of both of them.

As long as your layers are all fine (merinio wool, cotton, but fitted) then there is no problem with layering.