Thursday, July 29, 2010

Funky Florals

You will start to see these filtering into the shops. For some people, they will shiver with horror at the thought of this girly trend. But as with all trends, it can be adapted to suit your own personality.

Those smaller sized ladies can go for a more traditional small rose/flower design. It will suit their smaller features and their finer jewellery.

Those luscious curvy ladies need to find the medium sized blooms - to look bloomin lovely!

Rules: Don't OVER floral yourself. Floral Top + floral cardigan = ghastly. One floral per outfit. Be it a dress, under, cardigan, skirt. Then pick up your very favourite colour in the pattern (the green of the leaves or the pink of the flower) and balance out the floral with that piece.

Warm tones, not MANY florals for us. Mostly Cool tones, but you CAN find some. I have a cream tunic with dusky pink florals.

If you just can't do a floral (I know who you are!!!) then how about a pretty floral necklace or scarf? An easy way of doing what we at Wardrobe Flair love to see, people stepping out of their COMFORT ZONE!!!

Good luck!



Robyn said...

Where did you find that image of the brooch? I bought a red one exactly like that in Edinburgh last year, and get heaps of compliments on it. I love it.

Trudi Bennett said...

Hi Robyn. Wardrobe Flair sells these amazing brooches. They are totally cool! We don't have many left in stock but all new stock is on its way!!