Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beautiful brooches

I am starting to see people pull out their winter coats. Most of them are not a pretty sight! Boring black (yawn) and the worst case scenario - the ski jacket. Please people, if there isn't any snow around, don't wear a ski jacket! I'm sure half of the people on Featherston St walking to work are off to the slopes but heading in the wrong direction.

What is the solution? A great coat in a great colour - wool is a must for coldness. Plus a fitted, classic raincoat for days when its wet. How do you make a boring but classic coat look better? A brooch is the answer.

Seriously, you pop a funky, fun colourful brooch on that black boring wool coat and instantly you feel better and people will notice and compliment you. Its really quite amazing to so many of my clients that these small things can make such a difference.

Small, inexpensive solutions is the name of the game! Turn this winter into a 'smile-fest' of great colour and fabulous accessories. Check out the website.



Sarah said...

Dear Trudi,

I've taken your good advice and bought two new pairs of jeans, the ones you suggested even. Aren't I good?

But that's not all. Oh no that shop assistant deserves a medal after working on me. She should get a raise as well after all I bought!

I bought four, yes four new tops, a short sleeved cardi and a lovely new coat. A cute frock style in charcoal. Your brooch would be just perfect! Now we just have to have some of your cold weather and I'm set. Thanking you kindly for your advice.

Trudi Bennett said...

Well done Sarah. I am very impressed! and always a pleasure to help.