Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Isn't it lovely when spring is in the air? Especially when you head into the shops with SO many beautiful colours!

This season is very much about pretty, feminine, floaty, floral and frills. Lots of Fs! Most of these styles can be adapted to suit most bodies, you just need to know what you are looking for and WHY it suits your shape.

Those dreaded three-quarter and five eighths trousers everywhere. Be careful of those lengths!! Those under 5ft 5 or 160cm need to adhere to the rule of keeping those three-quarter pants at just below the knee. If they fit well up around the waist and bum, then just have them shortened. Trust me, it makes all the difference to get that length right!

There are lots of long, hanging cardigans around at the moment. Beware the 'lost waist'. Remember that when that best part is gone, you will look bigger. So if you can (because you are taller) wear the longer cardigan, then make sure it clings nicely to your form showing your waist. Otherwise there are lots of other cardigan options. One I really like is the bolero. This suits pretty much most people and because of its cut (its the cardigan that covers your arms but then cuts away just under the armpit). This allows for all the lovely beading and intricate details of necklines to be shown and not hidden by other types of cardigan. The good old tie cardigan is also a fab option - if you can't find one in the shops, check out as all our accessories are now online!

Over dresses and tunics are HUGE this season. Many are very billowy, so make sure you get that nice wide belt and clinch that waist in. Also make sure the line of the tunic does not cut straight across the widest part of your thighs.

Finally, the maxi dress continues on again this season. There are so really pretty ones around and its all about assessing them individually. The straps, the neckline, the pattern. Do they fit your body size?


Louise P said...

I have just returned from Europe where I saw nothing other than grey or black in the shops! I guess it is winter there though.
Double breasted coats are also very very big.Alas, as they are not right for me.

Are there any particular brands/shops that suit particular shapes?

Trudi Bennett said...

Hi Louise

Welcome back! As you will see I have added your question to my new 'question of the week' column on the blog. But to be more specific to you, I think Farmers could be a great option for you. Lots of great basics in wonderful cool-tones and all shapes covered. Happy shopping!