Monday, November 30, 2009

Green - great or gross?

I know these seems like a bizarre post. About a colour? But over the many years of looking through people's wardrobes and hearing reactions to certain colours and shapes, what stands out is that SO MANY people have a real dislike/hatred/phobia towards the colour green.

I can almost guarantee you that at some stage this week, I shall drape a green cloth over someone and they will say 'oh yuck green, I never wear green, I just really don't like that colour."

Why is this? If I ever went back to school to study, I would do a thesis on why people dislike the colour green. What most people don't realise about colour is that there is a warm and cool counterpart. If you drape a cool tone in a warm khaki green they stick their tongue out and pull a face. They should! It looks awful. HOWEVER if we drape them in a bright, clear green, it looks amazing.

Here are 2 of my rather silly theories about why people don't wear green.
1. Too many of us had green uniforms for school. It put us off. We had to wear it for so many years we had a lifetimes worth of green.
2. NZ is a very green country. Maybe we don't want to blend into the bushes? (I know this is getting silly... but there has GOT to be a reason!)

If anyone else has any other theories as to why people dislike green, send them to me. I am strangely interested in the weirdness of this! I almost feel like I have to get to the bottom of it. The people who say they don't like green often can't tell me why. But then they see the RIGHT green on and can SEE it look great, but they still struggle with it. Its like its ingrained in them that they can't wear it? Strange but true.

Me, I LOVE green. The reason is that I have hazel/green eyes. When I wear green it makes them look greener. I also LOVE green on people with blue eyes. I believe it even looks better than blue on blue-eyed people. Its the contrast of the blue eyes on green near the face. Looks sensational.

So people of NZ. Wear more green!!! there is the right green for you out there. You won't blend into the forest - unless you are in camouflage gear and NEED to blend in.


Vanessa said...

maybe we associate green with Australians! and we want to be differentiated from them?
Anyway, I have turned over a new leaf, excuse the pun, and adore my greens now. And no longer think it is my sisters' colour only.
Thanks Trudi

Anonymous said...

Three years ago, you did my wardrobe consultation, and noted that there was NO GREEN in my wardrobe (obviously I am not alone). I made a faithful committment to add some green, without success (except for a gorgeous green silk scarf/wrap). I have tried. But emerald green is hard to find - any suggestions???

Trudi Bennett said...

You are right, emerald green has been hard to find over the last three years. Jade green and this season apple green are two fabulous cool greens that would be worth trying instead.

Again, if you feel its too hard to jump right into a green top. Try a singlet from say Farmers. They have some lovely greens. Team that with a grey tie cardigan and maybe a necklace with a bit of green in it and you are successfully converted to some green.

With some colours it takes a bit of getting used to. So ease yourself in. Small steps. Once you get those compliments, you will start to feel more confident about it.