Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Fashion Fails

I enjoyed watching the whole Olympics opening ceremony. I was particularly interested in seeing all the teams come out and checking out the uniforms the athletes were made to wear.

I say were made to wear, because lets be honest, some would have never chosen to put some of these scenarios together. I'm going to envisage the fashion brief. "OK, so we want our athletes to stand out. We want people to say WOW, what a colourful, confident country THAT is. We want to show we are fun, but serious. Let's show the world a little bit of what we can do".

I liked some of them, I raised my eyebrows a couple of times but then thought, hmmm ok. I gasped at others and for a special few, I roared with laugher. Sport and fashion - does it ever really mix? And why or why is there such a strong need to wear quite so many pairs of white trousers?

Some of these smaller, poorer countries don't have a lot of cash to flash around on uniforms, so lets not be unkind to them and instead support them in their achievements for making it to the Olympics. Others SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER! My two favourite fashion fails are below.

When my twitter account started talking about shorts and gumboots, I had to sit up and pay attention. The Czech Republic (were they having a laugh at the British climate?) had indeed donned bright shiny blue gumboots with their shorts. They all looked pretty happy about it and why not? If you don't laugh you cry right?

My second burst out laughing moment was when the British team came out. People have likened the look to a mix of Freddie Mercury, 70s disco and space angels. I mean come on NEXT! Massive big gold collars and what looked like gold armpits? I would love the hear where the inspiration come from?

Last question about Olympic fashion is why do the beach vollyball girls wear barely anything (tiny little shorts and a bra) and the boys are in board shorts and a T-shirt? Fair? I think not. Good luck Team NZ!

Stay tuned for next week's Day in the life of a Colour and Style consultant. What do we actually do and do we really have the coolest job? Stay colourful!

Stay colourful!

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