Monday, May 3, 2010

Merino a must-have

Brrrr. It IS getting colder. Now I know these bulky cable knits come and go with fashion, but its another one of THOSE fashions where unless you are stick thin, a bulky knit is going to make you feel HUGE. So steer clear if this is the case.

Instead, choose warmth AND practicality. Fine layers of Merino wool and perfect for both the lads and the ladies. For all those 'coldies' like me (ice block hands even mid summer!) then its time to go and get your merino singlets as well.

Come winter you will usually see me layered up to the max. Merino singlet, merino top, cardigan + coat. Then hat or gloves if really cold.

For all those people who say 'but you told me I have to wear a lower neckline? I'm going to freeze!!" Small fine layers around your core is the key to staying warm and then trust me, even if your neck is exposed you will be warm (Unless of course you sit under a draft!!)


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