Thursday, July 24, 2014

Breaking up the BLACK

Anyone who knows me knows how much I despair over how many people wear black. Having just returned from a presentation in Christchurch, I can confirm it’s not just a Wellington & Auckland ‘thing’ it is in fact a NZ thing. It is also a ‘winter’ thing and for me, a depressing ‘thing’. Harsh, I know, but my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, I know why people are wearing black. Or at least I know at LEAST half a dozen excuses why people do. Let me see if I can cover all the bases. There is LOTS of it in the shops – true. It goes with everything – not true. It’s safe, true. I don’t want to stand out – personal preference. Its slimming – not always true. It’s corporate, true but there are many other better corporate colours as well. Everyone else is wearing it – true. I don’t know what other colours suit me – I understand that scary concept. Its classic – well, maybe in NZ!

Ok, so if you have ticked one, two or all of the above reasons and you are not to be swayed out of wearing black, at least do one thing for me. Wear SOME colour to lift the effects of black on skin that it does suit (which by the way is making people look older and tired). Those that do suit black, great, go for it. But know that compliments will be few and far between if you also have a whole wardrobe of it.

My best tip, is to find a really nice sleeveless vest or top with which you can wear a coloured top or shirt underneath. This at least gives a pop of colour nearer your face and down your arms, whilst still encasing your body in black to achieve any slimming capabilities you may be searching for.

Accessories! They are your best friend with black. A gorgeous coloured scarf or necklace in a beautiful colour will gain you many things. A lift and lots of compliments being the main two. It also says to people ‘hey, I know I’m wearing boring old black but at least I’m adding something a little more interesting.’

How about instead of wearing a black dress with a black cardigan or blazer, you make that outer layer colourful? That way again, the body is encased but the arms and side have great, beneficial colour. I know its winter and people feel more inclined to wear black during this dark and cold time. To me this seems crazy. What I believe we need is much more colour during the bleak season.

Another request from me. I want you to notice people who DO wear colour during winter. I want you to smile at them and tell them they look nice. Then once you have added a splash of colour to your black wardrobe, the same will happen for you. Let’s pay compliments forward when people are brave enough to step out of their comfort zone and try a bit of colour.

P.S. If you have a coloured winter coat, then you already get extra points from me!

Stay warm, stay colourful,!

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Carmel said...

I love to add a really bright pop of colour to my black clothes in winter (black and white = my company's colours) Love my red coat and I ALWAYS notice and compliment people who wear bright colour in winter - makes me feel cheery. And there are some gorgeous rich warm colours to wear.