Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Layering your clothings - the mid-season must know

Being able to layer your clothing is not just a easy way to stay stylish, it is incredibly practical. When you are in-between seasons as we all are, knowing you can wear a multitude of fine layers for the climate that will not bulk you out is great.

How many ways to layer? Many, but my two favourite ways that everyone should be able to do is what I call OVER layering or UNDER layering. A cardigan or coat is an over layer. This is when you have your base clothing and you are adding pieces on top of it. The only thing to remember about this type of layering is, don't loose your side shape by letting your cardigans hang down or wear boxy styled jackets. Do a couple of buttons up on your cardigan or throw on a belt over the cardigan to give yourself some shape and always buy well cut jackets.

Under layering is when you may have a sleeveless dress or top and you decide to wear a fine layer underneath this piece. Whilst the downside of this type of layering is that you can't take any layers off, the upside is that if you have a lovely dress or top layering this way allows people to see the detail. When people throw cardigans over lovely detailed dresses or tops often the best thing about the item is hidden.

I often layer both ways. This way I can wear a sleeveless outfit if I don't want to show my arms, show the detail of the outfit but also have a fitted jacket over both layers. As mentioned, as long as these layers are not bulky, you can easily wear 3 fine layers and be totally comfortable, stylist and practical at the same time.

Stay colourful!

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