Thursday, June 27, 2013

Are you hiding under your clothes during winter?

Many people say they find Winter dressing much easier. Much easier to hide certain body parts they giggle. Whenever I hear the word 'hide' I have to grimace. The reason is that 9/10 times, the body part you are trying to hide is actually made to look much bigger. The right styles for your body shape is the way to go if you want to successfully disguise certain areas.

So other than inappropriate volume, usually in areas that don't need that volume, what other ways to people 'hide' during Winter? They hide with a lack of colour. I can't tell you the number of times someone says to me "oh my summer wardrobe is full of colour, but I only wear black and grey in Winter."

Call me crazy, but don't you think Winter is the perfect time to inject some colour when it's cold, wet and dark outside? I realise some people do seem to associate colour with sun and happiness and Winter with dreary darkness, but I'm here to try and change that. Colour during the colder months makes us look better. It perks up other people too! I am ALWAYS going on about people needing to buy a coloured Winter coat and sure enough, the people that do report back to me to say people smile at them in the street.

You suit the colours you suit rain or shine. If you need a tan to wear a colour, this probably means that colour isn't right for you. Find one that you don't feel washed out in or need to do extra's with (need to add a scarf, more lippy etc.) There are plenty of your own colours to choose from.

Another way people try to hide in their Winter clothing is by adding bulky knits in the hope that with the bulk, they will get superior warmth. Nowadays with all the fine merino around, you can layer for both superb warmth and looks. There really isn't any need for big bulky sweaters if you don't suit or like them.

Don't get me wrong, texture is a wonderful thing and in full abundance this season. Velvet, lace, wool, leather or fur, choose your texture and enjoy it. There has to be other major benefits to Winter other than crockpots and roaring fires. For fashion this season, it is about wearing and enjoying textures but also making sure they suit your shape.

Stay warm, stay colourful, don't hide. Enjoy the benefits of Winter clothing and swim against the stream of dull and bulky clothing. You can do it and trust me when the compliments come streaming in you with be rather pleased you did. Wardrobe Flair Facebook page -

Stay colourful!

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