Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ready, set, texture! Autumn 13's biggest trend

On your marks, get set, TEXTURE! That's right, this Autumn/Winter 13, one of the biggest trend is going to be having interesting fabrics in your wardrobe, and combining them! For instance, tweed and sheer fabrics will be popular, as will adding fake fur, leather, chunky wool knits, brocade or gem embellishment aka BLING.

I'm a huge fan of texture. If you are scared of colour and would rather poke yourself in the eye than wear bold pattern then texture is the perfect way of making your wardrobe more interesting. You can then buy simple, classic pieces in beautiful fabrics. Problem solved.

My ideal of course is to have colour, pattern AND texture in the wardrobe, but lets do baby steps shall we? The question for the practical people who like to make sure they invest their hard earned money into things that are not too much of a 'phase' is, will I be able to continue wearing it next year?

If you stick to a style that suits your body shape and that you feel amazing in, then yes. Each winter there is always leather, corduroy and fake fur around. It is the season for warmer textures so it stands to reason they keep coming back round each year. Plus if you buy classic and enjoy being a fashionista, then add that season's trend to your piece. Lets say you have a cable knit jersey from a few winter seasons ago, with this season jewels and gem theme, you can add a brooch to your jersey and bring it up to date. Or find yourself a fake fur colour to drape over the cardigan.

Enjoy the textures of Autumn/Winter. They will be very luxurious this season, which means in the cold, dark winter, you will be a ray of textural delight.

Stay colourful!

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