Monday, July 2, 2012

Street Style - Auckland vs Wellington

A couple of weeks ago I had a corporate presentation in Auckland and on my way from the suburbs to Wellington Airport, then from Auckland Airport to the CBD, I took notes on the street styles I spotted. What an interesting experiment this was. I alternated between sticking my head out the window to give the big thumbs up and slumping down in my seat with images of colour and style tragedies burned upon my brain. Wellintonians, you have a complete and utter love affair with the black puffer jacket. Short and simple. Dozens and dozens of them. You also win the 'sportswear on the street' award. I didn't spot one person on the streets of Auckland exercising or wearing sportswear. That was mainly because they were all in their cars to be honest but I did peer in a few as I waited in my traffic jam. Yay to the ONE women in Wellington in a hot pink wool coat and the lady in the cobalt blue coat that I gave a crazy smile to at the lights. My previous conclusion that I see a whole lot of fairly safe, conservative dressers loving black was pretty obvious - in both cities! But I had to smile at the kooky extremes in Wellington with a guy wearing a real, vintage fur jacket on one side of the street and on the other a man in shorts and a vintage Swandri. Sorry to the man at Wellington Airport who heard an excited squeak as he walked towards me wearing a purple checked business shirt with a hot pink, fitted v-neck jersey over the top. Primo. Both cities are full of people wearing black. Wellington favours adding a splash of red to this and Aucklanders the more monochrome white. No surprises there. I did see a pink puffer in Auckland that I thought would go down well in Welly. So who won the biggest fashion tragedy award? I was starting to panic that it would be Wellington after bumping into a woman wearing black trousers, pink and white coloured socks and a black high heeled Mary Jane shoes - with, wait for it, a fleece. I was saddened to have to give my beloved hometown the award but as I exited my cab in the centre of Auckland CBD I spotted a woman wearing a gold puffer jacket, leopard print skirt and moccasin slippers. Phew. Let's just call that one a tie.

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